So after a few years hanging out with my drag of a cousin, I started hanging out with the "Drama Geeks" with is ironic because we were one of the more popular groups, and we weren't all geeks, by definition. So I met Dave, Nate and Tim; who were instantly like brothers to me, and their parents were like my own parents. We went to Prom as a group and were basicaly always together.
Then Came Senior Year, we all hung out together, but I usually ended up hanging out with Tim more often then, he drove a 99 Firebird (which was acually his mom's). And I was the photography teacher's student aide, so as you can see, I got to play with the bw cameras a bit =) and help other people with their work and that was fun.
I went to homecoming with a girl who I seriously had a crush on, the only problem was that she liked a co-worker of mine (who was ugly as sin, so that wasn't cool) But ironically, when I went and got my tongue pierced, I found out later that the reason Lori liked that guy was cause he had his tongue pierced...pure irony.
Before Winter vacation, I met a girl who seriously liked me and I was flattered, however, the following year (after a winter vacation to dwell on it) I was eager to get back, but then after hanging out with her, realized I didn't like her and she was an attention-whore