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Slimmer and Punked Out (Sept 10th, 2003)

(The Fun Part is Guessing Which One is Which)

Ever Been "Beside Yourself With Joy?" Well This Is Not One of Those Times

Camera? Where? ( May 10th, 2003)

I Feel Lost! (April 30th, 2003)

(bottom)Homecoming Picture #1 ( October 16th, 1999)

Winter Formal Picture #1 ( Febuary 4th, 2000)

Mall Photo Booth Shot

This is a Cool Black/ White Picture, a friend took of me, for school. (see my Tongue Piercing!?!?!)

Old Picture of Me (1998)

Scary Picture of Me (1997)

Me, Trying to take my vacation, by way of UPS

I'm in a box, OK

Bad Picture....

Terrible Sideburns!

Me Kicking some A$$


Me, and My Homie Ed, from Santa Anna

March 2001