What Does a Mature Love Relationship Mean to Us?

Love, the meaning have yet to be found to have an entirely accurate meaning that that is agreeable by the entire population. Everyone has their own story, and in turn, their own definition of love based on their values.

Some feel that a mature love means, “being able to be friends, as well as lovers, but friends first (23/Male)”. This cannot be denied that a social connection is vital to the inter-workings of a relationship, be it love or an actual friendship. How can one enter a relationship and be truly in love without some kind of social bond? Without friendship a mature relationship is next to impossible, and more then likely, unstable.

Commitment is one of the most important aspects of a mature love relationship. The ideal members of a mature relationship are “ two people who are fully committed to each other and love each other, and NEVER want to do anything to hurt one another (26/Female).”

To the majority of those asked, the popular feeling towards a mature love “is when a girl and guy are serious and do not need anyone else in their life but each other. In a mature relationship they decide to start a family and know how to spend money, but not on foolish things. They start looking for apartments before they get married. They know what love is all about. It's not like playing house it is for real. If they don't know what love is all about then that is not mature love, it’s just having fun. Sex is not a mature love relationship because it is just pleasure. Most people think that if they are having sex, then it is definitely mature, but it is not (22/Female).”

Religion is also given a large place in the creation and maintaining of a mature love relationship. A true love relationship “is two people that care for each other and that that want to be together forever. Its two people that know what their limits are and put God first (19/Female).” Also that “before you even go out you should pray about it, and they should be willing to pray with you, since having a spiritual relationship goes hand in hand with a mature relationship. You should trust the person fully and entirely, like you can trust that person without any questions (17/Male).”

For some of us we can be so in love without even being in a relationship, mostly in waiting for a prime opportunity. “It is possible to love someone unconditionally without even dating, just waiting around, knowing that this person is the one we have spent our lives looking for, so why play around? The maturity is in waiting around (24/Female).”

Mature love means “unconditionally loving someone and being loved by that person subject to all of your attributes as well as all of your faults. It means "no secrets", attributes are known and praised, faults are not hidden but accepted with a loving smile. Love means being a part of a two-person team and not being able to imagine it any other way. Love means not believing that the other person will change to meet our expectations, nor us wanting them to. True love takes maturity, we’re not sure when that happens, just know it does (46/Female).

In conclusion, I must say that I feel that a true and honest mature love relationship is all about the emotions, which are involved. Not just the instant tingles we get when that special someone is near, but the warmth we feel when we think about that person who, to us is “the One.” Mature love is when our heart craves affection and our loins, do not desire. Mature love is trust and devotion, loyalty and honesty. Mature love is knowing how to wait. Patience is a virtue that’s golden in a mature love relationship. We must have a bond that remains unbroken and our doubt non-existent. Mature love is when the sweet kiss of your lover, alone can give you cavities. When their embrace can warm you better than any fire, an embrace so heart felt, that you know that you could die, right then and there, and regret nothing. In a mature love relationship, every kiss feels like first, and every hug feels like the last. In a mature relationship, to merely gaze into your lover’s eyes makes you melt from the inside. When your loved one looks at you, their eyes convey that you were meant for each other, because you are soulmates.