The English Guide to Male-Lingo

Disclaimer: This List of Terms is outdated as of 2001. All Terms are from High School and really are useless in the real world. when a term is funny...your suppose to laugh.

Ass-Tastic-refering to a female with a very well built rearside

Nuzzy-(rooted from- "nuzzygiver" which means -girlfriend) to get physical love (but less then "nookie")

Nalm- an Exclimation meaning "I want")

Wake Up Juice- bevarage used souly for the energy and not the taste (made by combining coffee, sugar and sodas rich in caffine

Happy Drinks- (see spiked) drinks with alcohol in them ( Mt Dew + alcohol=Happy Dew)(Fruit Punch + Alcohol=Happy Punch)

( Screwdrivers are screwdrivers, NOT "Happy OJ" and Wine Cooler may be called "Happy Punch"

Lumber Jack- someone who always brags about the size of their "wood"

Putter- a guy who always brags about having sex

The Test- (Commonly called the "Pinky-Thumbs Test") A test to measure the size of a female's butt. If the butt fits between the ends of the test, she passes


Perv'n a Dish- literally stopping to checking someone out ( usally for a long period of time)

Fugly- ugly to a large degree

Whore it Around- to sleep with different people for the sake of reputaion or action in general. ( the oppisite of "making love" because there is little or No emotion)

Battle- an ugly girl who thinks she's good looking and likes to "Whore it around"

Groove Bank- a good looking girl who likes to "Whore it Around"

961 Originally mean't a particular set of good looking girls. To me it represents how stupid, we, guys can be when we the number of Guys > Girls, so we scratch and tear our way to get "Hooked Up"

Hooked Up Get paired up

Whipped- person in a relationship where they have no control

Urban Hellhole- a place too perfect, a utopia that is so clean cut that it makes you sick (aka Fountain Valley, CA)

Idiot Box- television

Victory Lap-(name says it all)

Ripped- cheated

Promise Ring- a ring given to a girlfriend by the guy to make her think he wants to marry her, but all it means to the guy is " I love you so DO ME"

Shint-air freshener

Pre Nuzzy- nuzzy in the calmer form (suggling, holding hands, hugs, and light kissing)

Love Doll- girl who likes Pre-Nuzzy rather then full nuzzy

Clap Trap- a girl who trys to suduce you, but has a boyfriend

Mercy Screw- a lie used by women, stating that they slept with someone out of pity ( there ain't no such thing)

Melting- being pressured back into a relationship that has previously discontinued

Frosty- a person who breaks up a relationship, but "melts"

Chimp Pimp- a guy who only dates ugly girls and pressures them into nookie

Nutz- Bravery when talken to women out of immunity to rejection

Nutless Fool- guy who "pervs a dish" over a single girl for an extended period of time, but is too afraid to talk to her out of fear of rejection

Corruption- Being introduced to something new, illegal, against moral standards, or all the the above

Mad- extreme case of

Sport- someone who don't easyly engage in sex but engage in nuzzy(non easy female)