It is an unfortunate occurrence that I have voluntarily chosen to relinquish my position at the CompUSA store in Fountain Valley, California. On some level I do regret my actions in making this choice. Looking back in retrospective to past episodes and situations that I wonder why I had not made this decision sooner. I had originally come to CompUSA to pay a visit to my long time friend back; in September of 2002. Soon the visit turned into a decision to apply for employment with the company. During weeks that I was made to wait to know the status of my application; often I visited the store in order to seek this information. Each time I came to the store for the first two to three weeks I was directed to speak to the store’s General Manager, Lollie. This proved itself to be a near impossible task considering Lollie was either in late or going home early, Lollie was almost never in the store, that trend never changed for the duration of her employment at CompUSA. Eventually I got a response, however, the response was that I might not be hired due to the fact that the store was looking to hire a female and not a male. Considering I was made to sign an “equal opportunity” form with made mention that I could not be excluded from the hiring process due to race, age, religion or sex; I found this information more insulting than ironic. Eventually, after a month passed since my initial submission of the application, I was set up for an interview. I thought the worst was over, but I was sadly mistaken. I had originally applied to be a lead cashier, due to my extensive experience as both a cashier and a cash office worker. I was informed that I was being placed in a floor sales position, because they felt that Kristy, one of my co-workers, and I were in a relationship, which would be a conflict of interest. Never at any point in my life have Kristy and I been in anything close to a relationship, outside of friendship. This was an outrage, not to mention the fact that a few months later a cashier would be hired who was known prior to hiring, to be in a relationship with another lead cashier, apparently that was not a conflict of interest. As time passed, an annoying situation occurred. While helping an associate find an Email-Server for a customber, I discovered open packages of RAM and other high-end items, which were pushed underneath the steel shelving in the warehouse (obvious sign of internal theft). Immediately I brought this to the attention of my sales manager, Rick. Who at first dismissed it as if it were not that important, but told me to bring two managers to the back warehouse before I looked for any more packages. I did just that, and as both Rick and Benny spoke stood there and told me that I was not going to find anything, I found more and more empty packages. I thought I had done a good deed by raising awareness that someone was stealing and where they were putting the packages. However, the next few days I was approached by Charity the ICC employee and was harassed and openly accused of stealing many times, and was treated with extreme unyeilding hostility, until I sent out a memo to all the managers, declaring my innocence and demanding that the accusations and harassment stop at once, or I would involve Human Relations. To my relief the rudeness and rumors stopped. Even though the harassment had stopped, Charity still continued to treat me with the same disrespect. Actually, there was never a point in my entire history of employment with the company where Charity ever treated me with respect; nor did she ever take a break from yelling at me. She would raise her voice to me for reasons that were sometimes unrelated to me, such as yelling at me for the mistake of another as if she thought I was the reason for the whole store’s mistakes. I actually remember a time when Kristy asked Charity a simple question about her second job, a question both Kristy and I had, but Charity chose to respond to me in a voice of hatred and anger. I really wish I knew what I had done wrong to make her treat me so badly. That is one point I would like to make, how uncomfortable she made mine and countless other people’s work environment. Also, countless times I brought the issue of her anger and constant hostility to the attention of a manager, only to have it dismissed, as “that’s just the way Charity is.” Therefore nothing really changed with her attitude and considering she was not a manager or a supervisor, I saw no reason to be bossed around by her in such a way. Time eventually passed on with no more unfortunate situations, which would cause discomfort, except for Jennifer stealing money and trying to frame the lead cashiers for the thefts but using their assigned registers to withdrawal her stolen funds. It actually did not matter that Jennifer left, she was never anything more than an extra presence on the sales floor, and she had Kristy doing the brunt of her manager-type work and according to my observations, this arrangement did not change when the Anthony took over Jennifer’s position. I am sorry to say that Anthony was really out of place in his position, being that he was originally a merchandise manager, he really had no idea what he was doing. I feel he was smart to find a different job, hopefully he found a job he can handle better; I wished him the best of luck. About the end of August, 2003 Rick Wickstrom, my Sales Manager put a great deal of pressure upon me when it was thought that Hal Compton the CompUSA CEO, was going to visit the store. I was repeatedly subjected to three four hours of over time constantly for over a week, against my will, under the impression that failure to comply would be termed as insubordination and would result in termination. It was difficult for me to work so hard, stress out so much and still have to listen to the Hardware Salesmen complain and whine about wanting to got home a half hour early while here I was with one or two other associates working 3+ hours of overtime and when we inquired about getting off early, we were treated with subtle threats. It was that week of stress and mental abuse that caused me to take up smoking cigarettes, a habit that only since leaving CompUSA have I been able to finally cease. Its kind of coincidental, one would think. Soon the store prepared for remodeling, which brought on a former employee who left just before I was hired, but now he was back. Scott Stakowski was an instant problem from the first day I met him, but I tried to ignore him for fear of creating a problem, which eventually happened. In my opinion, Scott was the kind of person who felt that the world owed him something, and in general he was not that stable, he constantly threw tantrums and would put down the performance of others in order to make himself seem better. I honestly tried to avoid him, but when he was appointed to the position of Home Electronics lead, he created his own problems, which began to interfere with my work. To describe the issue as briefly as possible, he would refuse to do any physical labor outside of selling and he would cross over into the Hardware area and take sales away from the salesman. But by far the most disgusting thing Scott ever did was making a bet with Ryan, about two female cashiers, whom Scott thought he could have a threesome with. This was a concept that I found disturbing and a subject that did not belong in the work place, ever. Eventually, Scott denounced the sales floor, and went to Corporate Sales stating that he “did not want to have to deal with managers anymore.” And that’s why he wanted to be in Business Sales. Months after Scott was forced to leave, even though Scott says he wanted it first. One day in early December’03, while helping two other employees move a Hewlett Packard 17” CRT monitor, the employee on the top of the ladder was going to hand the product down to me, but the handle-hole of the cardboard box tore and the monitor fell on my right hand, crushing and spraining my right hand-ring finger, originally I did not know it was sprained or even injured till it swelled up the next day. At that point I brought it up to my operations manager, who had me fill out the proper forms. It took me a while because my finger was swollen and in a makeshift splint. I was told to go to a certain hospital miles and miles away to have it checked out, but it was too far for it to be convenient since I was without an automobile, so I went to my family doctor and had the medical papers submitted to the proper manager. I missed a day of work to go to my doctor, and the had the doctor write me a note stating that I was to avoid heavy lifting and stay off of ladder due to me not being able to properly grip, and also that gripping with that hand would hamper the healing process if not make the injury heal incorrectly causing future medical issues. I had told this to Rick upon the beginning of my shift. However, at some point in the middle of the day Rick asked me to lift a heavy monitor from a high shelf with the use of a ladder and carry it up to the front. I asked Rick if he could please get someone else to do that task since I was currently without the use of both hands. At the point Rick proceeded to make rude comments to me in anger and frustration, hinting that I was not worth having in employment if I could not complete a simple task like that . My response was merely to copy the doctor’s note and re-submit it to him. A few days later Rick forced me to use a wobbly A-Ladder to pull down a 17” LCD flat panel monitor, although I managed to do it safely, it was still a frightening ordeal counsidering the poor condition of the ladder (somebody call OSHA) and my condition, I was very frightened indeed. Just before my Fall’03 Semester of college ended in December, I asked Rick Wickstrom, my salesmanager to put me at full-time hours with benefits. He agreed and I thought I was at full time status as of the next pay period or at least the following pay period. I was working 32+ hours a week and so I truly thought I was at full-time status, considering this many hours for a part-time would be illigal according to status, and would yield much overtime, so I thought I was Full-Time.. However, it was after Rick left in April’04 that I found out that I was never ever at full-time status . I was very upset and hurt. I really needed those hours and those benefits. I skipped my Spring semester at college to work full-time. Since I was not in school I no longer had family supplied health care, therefore I needed the store-supplied health care supplied only to full-time individuals. So if I had gotten sick, I would not have been covered because I was not officially at full-time status. If I had known that Rick would lie to me and not truly give me the official status with the benefits then I would have stayed in school and been covered. Worst of all, I brought this information to the new Sales Manager, Anne Robinson, stating the error Rick made, the fact that I was working more than thirty-two hours on a regular basis, and that I did want to be full-time status. So she corrected the problem… She cut my hours Therefore, I could no longer qualify for full-time because I did not have enough hours. From my experience with Anne, she seemed like a nice and sensible manager and I looked forward to working with her, in fact I spent the first two weeks completing tasks so that she would see how hard I work. Sadly my attempts were pointless, since upon leaving Rick had submitted to Anne what was she called a “Laundry List.” As for me, I call it being Black Listed. A list of people that Rick thought Anne should be aware of. Basically, Rick was telling her what to think of different people, rather than allow Anne to develop her own ideas and views. I was on that list because Rick did not like me for some reason. I did not brown-nose, but I feel that’s hardly a reason to black list me, the way he did. I am not claiming I was the victim of some conspiracy, but I know that the list was unprofessional. In all honesty I have a lot of respect for Rick, he really was not a bad guy, that’s probably why it was so insulting to hear I was thought so lowly of. Fact of the matter was that I knew the store backwards and forwards, and was constantly sought out for knowledge by the other associates. I was very well trained and I worked hard, my co-workers who knew me and had been there longer knew how had I worked. It is stupid to have such a list left, worst of all it was also the opinion of my general manager, I was shocked and hurt by that most of all. I have high respect for Mark Davis, my general manager. In society we are made to respect everyone’s differences, in Anne’s case, she made it a point to make her sexual preferences obvious, with comments like “being straight is over rated.” But that’s not where I have been offended and found fault. One thing I felt was inappropriate was her somehow sparking a discussion during work hours on the sales floor about alternative gay lifestyles, however, that was not what she had said to offend me. The things she had said and done to offend me. The first offensive statement she made was when she first came on as the Sales Manager, she often made comments to the effect that Kristy, the new Customer Service manager, was not a ”real manager”, a comment that I was upset to hear Rick make weeks before. Another thing was I once over heard her make a statement that “men only date ugly women to get sex.” Upon hearing her, I made my opinion known that I felt she was incorrect, at that point she yelled at me and forced me to leave the break room, where her inappropriate conversation was going on. A few weeks later, she made Kristy present in a personal meeting so Anne could yell at me and use Kristy to gang up on me, which was unprofessional. The next and rudest of all her insensitive comments was not made to or about me, but about a fellow female co-worker who had come in revealing clothing, on her day off. Anne had made the comment “ I wonder how much she charges.,” insinuating that the off-duty employee was a prostitute. If I am not mistaken, Anne has commited multiple acts of sexual harassment. The next situation I would like to formally address is that of the 24-Hour Fitness memberships that Ryan, the assistant Sales Manager was pushing on us. In fact he asked me more than ten times and I refused more than ten times, but I gave in because Ryan started to treat me poorly and I got the membership so I could get him to leave me alone, and my intention was to cancel after a week. So I paid the $30 down payment in the form of a gift card that Ryan told me I was suppose to pay. Then paid the $70+ for the first and last month’s dues, with the option to cancel in 30 days with a full refund , or so I was told. Upon my attempt to cancel the following week, I was rejected, and was told that I did not have thirty days but that I had only three days Also, upon talking to 24-Hour Fitness’s corporate line I learned that the $30 down I was made to pay was never required, meaning Ryan and/or his buddy who signed us up then pocketed the supposed down payment not to mention the guy also gets a commission to do sign ups anyways. So I feel scammed and I am out $70 because I was misinformed (lied to). Last of all, the point at which I finally chose to leave the company was because I going to request a day off to fix my window, which was broken and my car looted at a Los Angeles venue on the first Saturday of June. When I made the request to not speak with a manager, I realized that I was afraid of my manager, afraid of Anne and this only served to show me how utterly unhappy and how stressed the company was making me, not to mention how poorly I have been treated in the past 18 months. It is truly unfortunate knowing that I have been scammed, lied to, lead on, and putdown, mislead, threatened, stressed out and put off by my job. Therefore, I hereby voluntarily and officially leave my position at CompUSA Store #241 Fountain Valley, California Effective June 7th, 2004 Due to a “Hostile Work Environment” Update: 6-18-2004 Asked ex-Customber Service manager to send me my paycheck in the mail. 7-07-2004 Have not gotten my check, went to store to inquire about my paycheck, they did not know where is was. Also hear that I was rumored to have gone crazy a comment apparently made by one of my managers 7-14-2004 More than two weeks ago I got paid my final paycheck, but since I had no desire the deal with any management and I was currently relocated 70 miles away, I asked my former customber service manager to send me the paycheck...I have not gotten it yet, nor does the store know where my check is. I called the store, where I spoke to Anne, my ex-Sales Manager, she was very rude and told me she'd email the other managers to find out. I don't expect to ever see my money.