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Action Pistol Shoot Information


What are Action Pistol Shoots ?

They are an action shooting program where one shooter engages multiple targets in a set Course of Fire (COF).  Each COF requires problem solving, safe handling, speed, and accuracy.  Shooters are timed and any penalties are added as time.  The shooter with the lowest time at the end of the day wins.  There are enough classifications and categories so that shooters always compete with people of equal equipment and skill.  While Action Pistol shooting may be a game, no "game style" equipment is allowed.  If you would not carry the gun to protect your life, you can't use it here.  The idea is shooter skill, not fancy gizmos should determine the winner.

Want to Learn more? 

Contact Nathan Blaede:  and check out the Calendar of Events for the date and time of the next shoot.

Click the links below for more news, information, and results from past Action Pistol Shoot events.



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