Matamoras Rod & Gun Club

2009 Browse Cut


With a balmy temperature of minus 5 degrees at the start, the Club held its annual browse cut on January 25, 2009.  The cut is held in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry and varies yearly in location and intent.  This year's project involved cutting a stand of low quality black birch.  The cut will reduce this less desirable species and promote the growth of more valuable oaks.  It also produces browse for deer and habitat for small game and non-game species.

Lee Mott taking down a tree.

Bill Vealey and Bill Madden work on a "hanger".


Using a bow saw, Nick Brengel and Will Vealey take down a tree ...



... with a little help from Jim Brengel


The end result:  Less desirable trees felled creating  browse for deer and loose brush piles for grouse, rabbits, and non-game species.