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Christmas 2003

Merry Christmas Zach

Its hard to believe this is the 5th Christmas without you being here. Then at other times it seems like yesterday since you went away.

I will always wonder what you would be like now. What you would look like, how tall you would be.

What would you be wanting for Christmas.

You should be here helping Mommy, Daddy and Shelby decorate the house for Christmas.

Instead we are trying to decide how to decorate your grave.

You were here for only 6 short years. Its hard to understand why things like this happen.

You are missed everyday and will be forever.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you.

I always have to laugh when I think about you when you were a year old.

That goofy Mickey Mouse Christmas House decoration that you went so crazy over.

Every store had it set up and playing, you could hear it all over the store.

You would have a fit until we went to see it.

Then we couldn't get you away from it. Finally your Mom bought it for you.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all your new friends in Heaven.

Love you always Mama

Please do not remove the Christmas tree from this site it belongs to Zach


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