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Me anD boMba aRrivEd aT apPLe'S hSe aT aRouND 3pM.. suRpriSingLy.. shE waSn't aT hoME.. anD wE weNt uP to hEr ROoM.. siNCe noThiNG to do.. jUZ takE phOto LAr~ =) whAHAha...

mUi yiN n vaLeriE iN e kItchEnz.. duNo doinG waD.. i foRgoT.. whAHa.. tiNk iS thE chICken buSineSs lar.. =p

pOkE thE fiShBaLls n wE shaLL go!~ (--.) hoNeStLY i waSn't mucH of a helP at aLL.. whEn i maNagE to pOke finISh 1 stiCk oF fiSh bALL.. vaLeriE aLreadY fiNIsh 5-6 of Em.. so.. tiNK abT it.. i am uSELeSs.. *siGhz* eVEn PokE moi hanDs iNsteaD of thE fisHbaLL.. -.-:

taXi tAxi TaXi~ wE arE oN ouR waY to eaSt coAsT paRk.. i acTuaLly sUGGestEd waLKing dERe.. coZ' iTs reaLLy daRN nEaR LoR.. buT dERn =/ aPPLe say duN waN.. sO takE taXi.. $7.30 Leh.. -.-: weLL.. i toOK thE pHOtO withOut LooKing bEhinD.. aLL LoOK awaY eXcEpT bOMba.. iT onLY shoWs thaT she'S thIcK sKInNed.. whAHha... =p jk jk..

timE foR a PosE~! hMm.. aLthoUGh aLL finGerS are bLacK .. hAha.. biBi!! you aRE stILL hoLding a fiRe sTarTer iN ur haND! -.-"" Lolx..

thIS iS noNe other thaN cHai zHen XiN lor.. hahAz.. hE'S bEeN ruNniNg afTer jiAcAi whO is oN thE biKe.. hONesTLy.. itS gD u noE.. aFteraLL.. hE eXeRciSE.. hahah.. MAyb hE dOEsn'T havE to gO to taF cLUb nEz yR.. hahaa..

sEttiNg uP oF thE BbQ piT.. so MaNi PPLe heLPing.. *^^* i wAsn'T heLPing at aLL.. hAha. foRgiVE me~! haha.. jUZ caMe baCk fRm cyCLing..

"cHinTow! caN u stoP taKing PHotOS?" thE fiRSt thIng mUiYIn toLD Me whEn i toOK thE PHotO.. LeeLin feLL dowN.. =/ LoLx.. boMBa.. ni hai dE... weLL.. diDn't reaLLy mEaN to take LeeLIn'S woUndS Lar.. buT juZ so haPPen daT i toOK it.. loLx whaT am i talKing?

+ HoBbits oF thE sHiRE + LoLx.. hMm.. dun tiNK thE twO on thE LEft aRE hObBits LAr.. hAha.. >.< fRm LefT to RigHT : vaLeRie / bomBa / mE / LeeLinZ / wee~~ wE arE goinG out foR aNothER aDvEntuRe!~ OFf tO MOuNT doOm~! =D whhAhahAA... apPLe wanNA comE wiF uS??

weLL.. iF i weRe tO cHOOse... thE bEsT piCtuRe oF thE day.. thiS wouLd be firSt! =) bLeSs mE.. i diDn't taKe thiS pHoto aT aLL.. aS u caN seE fRm thE pRevIOUs phOto.. i waS cyCLing aWay! i sWeaR i diDN't takE it! >.< i tiNK iSh mUiyIN takE dE ba.. haha.. thiS phOto kindoF sWeet hOR..

thE fiNgERs n fIsH baLLs.. LeeLin goT no finGErs.. so thE fiSh bAlLs wiLL takE ovER hEr finGEr'S pLacE in the pHoTo.. hahAz.. =P

BeiBei n meEE~~ =) wEE!!~ gEeZ.. whY aM i wEaRinG SaNta'S haT? oH weLL.. wadEVer.. iT'S oNLy onE day afTEr chRiSTmaS.. hAHa.. =p

hMM.. SiyINg N sWeEyiM.. =D sMiLeS..

1 2 3 4 HI 5!~ hEY kiDs.. HI-5 is HErE aT thE eAsT coAsT bEaCh~! .. eR.. (--") i'm jUSt tRyinG to bE LamE.. iGnoRe mE.. hAhaHAZzz.. LefT to RighT : mE / LeeLin / mUiyiN / boMba /

wahh~ cHio bUs~! =D

thE LeGS coMpetiTion.. whO cAn SuBstaiN thEiR LegS Like thAT longEsT wiNS~! =p.. aPParEntLy.. aLL oF eM dRop dWn deiR LegS thE moMent i finiSh taKing thE pHoto. ("?) sO.. theRe's no wiNneR.. hAhah..

waD?! buAY sONg Ar~~ waN to FighT.. -.-: thaNk yoU foR waTcHing << tHe HobBitS' fighT >> PLeAsE do noT tRy thiS aT hoME.. HAhaa

NeO n tRiniTy.. >.< i'M Neo.. toO baD i duN havE sungLaSseS wiF mE.. hAha.. LeeLin iS tRiniTy.. thiS piC kinDoF fUnNy eh?

taKen aT sTaRbuckS ~ =) i'M waitiNg foR boMBa'S mOTher to dRivE mE to MRt.. =D apPLe waitiNg foR coUsin to FeTch her hME..

diD u sEe thE gaP in bEtWeEn eM? i woNdeR waD hapPeneD. hAha..

aWw.. saD to sAy.. thiS is thE lAsT piC of thE day.. =/ iT iS kINdoF haRd to takE thIS phOto.. aLL of uS have to squEeze iNto thE phoTo .. and LEeLin baRELy madE it.. hAha.. weLL anYway.. thE eND!