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The Myth and Origin of the Unicorn

The Unicorn is aprox. 5000 years old, according to ancient documents and is found throughout world legends.

The Unicorn is traced back to Pagan mythology. This pagan creature was accepted into medieval Europe and became a symbol of Christ. Some early Hebrew scriptures also mention the Unicorn as a biblical beast. In some Christian interpretations the Unicorn was associated with the Virgin Mary and Christ.

Part of the Unicorn's origin, like many other mythical creatures lies in Greek Mythology. This is the story:

The Greek God Zeus was nursed by the she-goat Amalthea, which was later transformed into the star "Capella" (latan for "goat") because of the god's gratitude. In one version of this story Zeus broke off one of the goats horns which spilled out and unlimited amount of food. This horn became known as the "Horn of Plenty".

There is also variations of the Unicorn seen in the Egyptian paintings of antilopes with but one horn.