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The Kid Who Fell At 3:15 Last Night

Why do i fall for the girl who i cant have...?

You know i was thinking about how i could put this in away it would be simple but effective. I fell for a girl ive only known for a week and a day. people say dont let time pass you by, some say you cant fall for someone in a matter of a week. Well i dont care time is precious, i want to make every minute count having only 11 weeks makes things more fun, but at the same time extremely horrible, why....cause i know there's a 90% chance ill never see her again, and a 10% she'll be in Chico for who knows how long.

She's beautiful, charming, funny, caring, feminine in every manner, you had my attention from can i borrow your lighter, even though you know you had one, or 2 even...

Things come in and out of my life so fast most of the time i want to grasp everything at once, but you make me just sit back and relax 10 hours goes by like 10 minutes with you...

I didnt know how else to tell you everything im thinking in my head, just when im around you it shys away, my heart is here, waiting for you to do what you'd like, i like you as a friend, but wish to be more, take things slow, i have no problem with it, as long as you promise not to hurt me, when you leave, you hug and never say goodbye..because goodbye is forever and i hope that never happens....

I hope you dont mind me spilling my mind out of my head and on to this paper (errr WS) anyway thanks..


The Kid Who Fell This Morning at 3:15am (Kyle)