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Page Fourty-Eight

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point of view:Relm

stupid beatrix and ayla got me...why?!it isn't fair!

point of view:Lucca

we walked inside a room in the fancy hall."schala!"a light purple haired little boy with a little light purpled hair kitty ran to a lady with same hair color."janus!you're back! there something wrong?"she said." wind."janus said."you feel it too don't you?here hold onto this..."schala handed him a small amulet."what is this?"he asked.

"if something happens,it will protect you.i wish i could...but mother has plans..."schala said."schala!she isn't our mother!she looks like her...but changed."janus said."still...i can't...i'm sorry."she said.a servant walked in."the queen asks for your presence." "alright...janus.i'll be going."schala walked infront of us."excuse me." we moved and she left.we looked at janus.looks like he doesn't want to be disturbed.

"did you noticed something?"marle asked."that her hair-do is funny?"kuki said."no...she had the same pendant as i have!"marle said taking it off her neck."that's odd..."i said."let's follow her then."crono said.

we walked outside following schala.she walked to her right and after stepping on the blue carpet,she walked up in a we were near her,schala raised the pendant to a strange looking mark on the door which made it slide open.and it closed after schala walked in."ok let's try!"marle raised her pendant and...didn't work?"what?!it's not fair!"

"maybe we can find some info of how it worked..."i said.we walked outside and looked around the people reading books and arranging items."it's strange how they made that mammon machine..."a man said."you mean of adding its power to schala's pendant?"another man said."yes.i heard something about summoning a certain creature..." "for the mammon machine?" "i don't know...we just have to wait until it happens."

"you heard that?"crono said."...what did they say?"kuki said.i slapped my forehead."let's just find that mammon thing..."i said."but where?"marle said.later we heard some voices...

"the checkup of the mammon machine has been completed,sir."a woman walked out with a man who looked more intelligent than me."good...she will be pleased i hope."he said.crono ran up to another all and went in where they walked out.we walked inside a door and saw a weird creature i have never seen before!

"that is that machine thing?!"kuki had a head with one big emerald circle with 3 on left,middle,and looked yellow from the way it looked.marle raised the pendant over the red light that was shining around glowed and sparkled."ok this time it should work."crono said.

we walked back where the door was strange that there was something about that mammon machine...but what?marle raised her pendant...and the door slid up..."yay!let's see what's it like!"kuki ran in and we followed.we stopped and looked...just what we looked like the queen sitting on the throne which everything was covered in bronze gold,schala was standing next to her,and there was dalton.and someone we didn't see...a figure in a decorated dark cape."ok i changed my mind..."kuki said.

"who are you?!how did you get in here?!"the queen glared."queen zeal.this is the evildoers i warned you of."the dark man said.schala just stared..."fools!how dare you oppose me!"zeal said."...sheesh all we did was walk in."marle said."i do not believe you!you're even worse than the gurus!dalton!you know what to do..."zeal got up."yes your majesty.i will take care of them.

dalton summoned a huge diamond shaped brown monster with sharp teeth and two big hands."you won't die will just be begging to end your suffering!"zeal laughed."it's obvious it'll be easy."crono took out his sword.i tried casting fira on the monster...but it didn't work!"lucca!what's wrong?!"marle said."they must have made a magic seal or something around us!"i said."well what are you waiting for?!kuki summon already!

she tried...but didn't work."i didn't do anything wrong!"kuki said.the monster casted a laser light around us making us weak...we couldn't move.and the pain grew worse...zeal's voice came"ha!fools!how enertaining for an-"

i felt like i was floating...and heat was around me.i opened my eyes a little.we were in some kind of prison made out of red light.i heard a few voices."hmph...idiots...should we help them schala?"it sounded like janus's voice."let us rescue them."schala said."it's useless anyway.if they escape,you'll be in trouble."he said."don't worry about me."schala pressed a ruby button and we came out of the prison.

"are you ok?quickly you must save melchoir!he has been sent to the mountain of woe for opposing my mother!you have to rescue him!please!"schala said fast."i'm afraid i can't allow that."a voice was that dark figure."your meddling is tiring.i guess you'll just have to disappear!" "no!you mustn't!"schala said and janus pushed him."janus!"schala said and janus ran off.the purple cat was hiding near the door.

"ok...i will spare them.but in reture,you will cooperate!"the dark figure said."now where did you come from?!" "uh...well..."i said."Well?!"he said. "the 'gate'!"it just blurted out of me."nice going lucca!"kuki said."lead me to it."the dark figure said.we walked out...and we did.

after a long walk,we went inside the cave where we came from the 'gate'."ok.after they go inside,i want you to seal the portal."he said."no!you can't make me!"schala said."obey!their lives are at stake!"the dark figure said."...oh alright."schala said and the dark figure forced us to go in.after i went inside...the last words were"please...forgive me."

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