This is the Halliwell's house. This is an actual house located at 1329 Carroll Avenue in Los Angeles, California. It's located in a private neighborhood. Some of the filming takes place in the actual house, but they have built a replica of all of the rooms in the studio where they also film. This house is not only used for "Charmed." I have seen it on "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo," and a commercial (I can't recall what it was for).

Here's a brief history of Halliwell Manor (The complete story of Halliwell Manor is explained in an episode from season one, "Is There a Woogy in the House?"): Halliwell Manor is built on top of what is called a Spiritual Nexus. A Spiritual Nexus is a point that is equidistant from the five elements: fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. When connected, the lines make a pentagram, which is supposed to be a wiccan sign. Halliwell Manor is built in the center of a pentagram. A place located here can be used as an extreme force of good or evil; depending on how it is being used. The Halliwell family moved into the house in the early 1900s to protect the Nexus and use it for good. Each generation of Halliwells have lived in this house since that time.

This is a picture of the manor's location, equidistant from the five elements.

Many of the battles that the sisters have fought have taken place in the manor. The manor is the safest place for them to be, even though a lot of bad stuff still happens there. The Book of Shadows is kept in the attic, which, until the sisters received their powers, was always locked. You'll notice that much of the show takes place in the attic and in other rooms downstairs in the house. Here are some pictures of the house and the main rooms seen on Charmed. I have also included links where you can go to take a 3-D virtual tour of the house.

The Parlor

Sitting Room

The Solarium

Dining Room

The Kitchen

The Attic

Here are the links for the virtual tours. Note: When you click on the link for the First Floor, you might have to wait for it to load. When it does load completely, you will be able to navigate through several rooms on the first floor by clicking on an arrow. To get back to my site, hit the Back button on your navigation tool.

Virtual Tour of the First Floor

Virtual Tour of Attic

Virtual Tour of Prue/Piper's Room

Virtual Tour of Piper/Phoebe's Room

Virtual Tour of Bathroom

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