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Panama Strip Clubs

Best Strip Clubs in Panama.

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English: Well, I've just started this site, its about strip clubs in Panama. Since I've just started to built this page,it's not big deal yet, but it will continue to grow and get better and better. For now you can start voting on the polls I have on this page. But actually this page has been done for people coming to Panama from foreign contries. I've made this page so that people from other countries can have an idea of where to go out at nights here in panama. My personal opinion is that the best clubs in Panama are: Elite II, Le Palace Night Club,Miami, and Golden Times. But I can say that Elite II and Le palace are the 2 best clubs we have, but also the most expensive clubs. In the clubs listed above, you will experience live shows from very hot girls(mostly colombian girls), all of this clubs are nude clubs. Now I'm going to give you a description of each club so that you can have an idea of what to expect: 1) Elite II: For me it is the club with the best atmosphere in the whole country, it has very hot girls (most of them are colombian girls), from about 30 to 40 girls. Here you can experience live shows. You can have a table dance for just 10$ dollars or a private dance for 25$ dollars. You can take the girl out of the club and do what ever you want with her (obviously I mean you can have sex with her), but you'll have to pay 150$ dollars to the club, plus another 150$ dollars to the girl. So if you let me give you an advice, here it goes: Get to know the girl you like, ask her for her phone number, take her out on a date or something, take her to the movies, or to dinner, and then you can fuck her for free or cheaper like for about 100 box. Now talking about the drinks, Elite II offers to you a big variety of drinks, you can have any type of beer or drinks. Every monday, wednesday, and saturday they have an open bar all night for just 20$ dollars. Any other day a beer can cost you about 7$ dollars. Fridays you can buy a rum appleton bottle for jst 35$ dollars. To make it short, if its not the best is one of the 2 best night clubs in panama, great girls, great music, great drinks, YOU GOT TO VISIT THIS PLACE!!!(It is located in Calle 50, you just ask a taxi driver tot ake you there and they'll know where is it) 2) Le Palace Night Club: Some people say it has the best girls(again as in Elite II, most of the girls are from Colombia, and they are very hot). The atmosphere is not that great as in elite, the place is smaller, but the girls are very hot. It has almost the same prices as Elite II, but it is a little beat mor expensive. The difference is that in this club you only get a table dance, you dont get to have a private dance. To take a girl out of the club to fuck her, you'll have to pay $400 dollars, so take the advice I told you in the Elite II info (read it above). It is said that this club competes with Elite II for the place of best night club in panama. Again if you donīt know how to get there, ask a taxi driver and he'll know how to get there. 3) Miami: This night club its kind of different from the other 2 listed above, because you can get to fuck the girls in the club in special rooms located inside the club, but it will cost you 85$ dollars for one hour. The club can be classified as a good one, but its not better than le palace or than elite II. The girls are hot, but not all of them, I mean there is not that variety of hot girls as in le palace and as in Elite II. But you'll find hot girls, believe me. As listed above you just have to ask a taxi driver how to get there and he'll take you. The drinks are a little bit cheaper than in le palace and elite. 4) Golden Times: It's a different type of club, it is said that its a massage club, when you get in, you'll see the girls with some numbers pasted on their ass or somewhere in their body. Well the girls will start to walk by the place and when you get to like a girl you write the girls number on a little page and you give it to the waiter, then he will bring to you the girl and you will be able to be with her and fuck her for an hour for 85$ dollars.

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