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Hello! Welcome to our adoption journal. We are: David, Debra, Rebecca and Lili from Solihull, England.

Our family

Our quest for a family began many years ago, and after ten years of marriage and "much" trying, I gave birth to Rebecca, our eldest, in April 1995. Before Rebecca was born we pursued adoption, however when I was seven months pregant our Social Worker phoned to say she was going to commence our home study!!! Adoption at this point was put on hold.

After Rebecca was born we decided to pursue adoption once more. After much waiting, waiting, paperchasing, waiting, waiting and more waiting, we finally met our new daughter in Guangdong Province, China, November 2003. Our little Lili (Yang Min) was aged ten months and came from Yangjiang SWI (Social Welfare Institute) in Guangdong Province.

Rebecca and Lili first meet:
November 2003

After Lili had been home for a year we thought our family was complete, until....we started discussing 'maybe' returning once more to China to adopt again. The 'maybe' part did not last long as we were both wondering how to broach the subject with each other!! At this time, in November 2004, referrals were taking as little as six months so we were more than a little excited about the prospect. Well this brings us up-to-date as we are now in January 2007 and still waiting, more paperwork, homestudy, more endless waiting and we are back on the roller coaster ride of ICA (Intercountry Adoption)!!!

Rebecca is now 11, nearly 12 (a full on teenager!!!!) Lili has just celebrated her 4th birthday ('a big big girl') as she keeps telling us. They, and us, just can't wait for our new arrival!!!!

Rebecca and Lili:
March 2006

We are March 2006 DTC (Dossier to China) so we are hoping our referral will come during the summer of 2007, however, realistically it will be more like the back end of 2007, so we continue to wait.......................































































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