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What's so "Incedible" about SRK?

What's so 'incredible' about SRK
[ TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2004 03:57:29 PM ]

Shah Rukh Khan poses for media at the press conference of The Incredibles in Mumbai on Monday. (PTI photo)

Well this time King Khan is letting the limelight fall on his co-stars too... Any guesses why?

Well, because papa Khan is sharing the stage with beta Khan Aryan! SRK has given a voice over for the Hindi version of Disney/Pixar's animation action adventure The Incredibles .

The Hindi version is called Hum Hain Lajaawab . The Incredibles and Hum Hain Lajaawab releases across India on December 17, 2004.

The real life father and son join forces to play reel life father and son with the King Khan playing Mr Incredible/ Mr Lajawab and Aryan Mr Lajawab's extraordinarily son Tez.

"When kids do something they do it in a simple way, from the heart. That's the reason Aryan sounds better than me in the film," said the proud papa in an interview.

Shah Rukh Khan looks on during the promotional event of Hollywood animation film The Incredibles . (AP photo)

Doing voice over for animated characters is very common in Hollywood but this is the first time in the history of Bollywood that top stars are following the set trend.

"It is difficult as it is new for us, hope something positive comes out of this," said the actor.

On this momentous occasion, the SPE Films director, Mr Uday Singh said, "What makes this event unique and truly 'incredible' is the fact that it has never been tried before in India."

"We are confident that our association with India's favourite icon will take the film to a new and wider audience base as it will not only encourage kids and families across all socio-economic classes to come into theatres and have fun with the 'Incredible' family but will also strike a chord with the youth, who see him as their idol," added Singh.

Shah Rukh Khan and Rakshanda Khan share a light moment during the press conference of Hollywood animation film The Incredibles, which has been dubbed in Hindi as Hum Hain Lajaawab . (AP photo)

It seems that it was the challenge and the creative potential in the role of Mr Lajawab that attracted the Shah Rukh Khan.

"My son saw the stills of the film and he commented that only a real hero would do this film... I just had to take it up."

Shah Rukh admits relating to the lovable superhero, "In the film, Mr Lajawab is like a big bear. He's huge - about 6'4'' - but he is a gentleman. He is charismatic and generous. I'd like to believe that I'm as kind as him. Importantly, he has an amount of warmth. I think I have that quality especially when it comes to children."

Shah Rukh Khan, Rakshanda Khan and Javed Jaffery address the press conference for the dubbed version of The Incredibles . (PTI photo)

Along with SRK is the versatile Javed Jaffery, who not only lends his voice to the character of 'Syndrome' called 'Sankiman' in the Hindi version, but has also written the dialogues for the movie.

Jaffery, who earlier did the script for Jungle Book 2 , took about 10 days to write the Hindi dialogues. The actor has been associated with Disney for quite sometime now. He has done voiceovers for Mickey Mouse for TV, Sher Khan in Jungle Book .

"When I was approached for The Incredibles , I agreed only after I knew that Shah Rukh Khan was confirmed for the voice of Mr Lajawab," said Jaffery.

Shah Rukh Khan is flanked by actress Rakshanda Khan as he answers questions during a press conference. Khan and his seven-year-old son have lent their voices to the dubbed Hindi version of The Incredibles . (AFP photo)

Apart from SRK's magic and Jaffery's versatility, the cartoon film also features the voices of Rakshanda Khan and Vindoo Singh (Dara Singh's son).

Rakshanda essays the role of 'Mrs Incredible/Elastigirl' called 'Mrs Helen Paar'.

The story of the film follows the adventures of a family of former superheroes rediscovering the true source of their powers in one another. It's a hilarious, computer-animated adventure about Mr Incredible, whose superpower is strength and his weakness - dessert, and his once flexible wife Elastigirl, whose suffers from a weakness which involves buying too many new clothes.

The two superheroes were forced into retirement and left to take on civilian identities. Then one day, ten years into the future, Mr Lajaawab gets a mysterious message asking him to come immediately to an island. There he comes to know of a secret assignment.

The mission makes him change himself and become super hero again. The family takes on the mission with their son Tez, who is known for his accelerating speed, reflexes and unfortunate issues with authority, in tow. But will they be able to once again become the evil-fighting, life-saving superheroes they once were and save the world?

This hugely talented cast should certainly generate a 'La Jawab' performance.