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Until They Are Home




Thank you for taking the time to visit my page.

Please come in and enjoy your stay :)

How lucky you are to have stumbled across one of the BEST groups on the internet!

Here you'll find the exceptional  & gifted alike.

Our group members are not only down to earth  but are also very loving and caring.

Our members are  knowledgeable  in the  areas of crafts and gardening alike.

Please take your time browsing through the pages.

Please note:

As I'm currently creating this web site you will be seeing many changes daily.

Many pages to come...please keep checking back.


Below please see the 'LINKS' button.

There you'll find my own projects as well as the groups.

Many photos provided of all of our projects along with project tutorials.

Please take the time to sign the guest book and let me know what you think of our group and web site.














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