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My major is International Studies with a Minor in Management but for this assignment im only going to talk about International Studies.

Classes Required
International Studies 11, 12, 13

Economics 20A, 20B, 20C

Origins of Global Interdependence: which gives a general overview of the rise of global interdependence in political, economic, demographic, and cultural terms.  Global Issues and Institutions: Surveys recent developments in the nature of global interdependence.  Global Economy:  Acquaints students with the fundamental patterns and problems of the global economy.
More Qualitative Research will be conducted in this class.

The Fundamentals of economics:  Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.  The behaviour of firms and of consumers: market, supply/demand, utility maximization, resource allocation, and efficiency.
Due to the large amount of math required of this class it is most likely to be more Quantitative.

Possible Occupations
Government Industry
  • Counselor 
  • Activities coordinator 
  • Overseas service agent 
  • Program assistant 
  • Peace Corps volunteer 
  • Community agency administrator
  • Congressional staff member 
  • Program coordinator
  • Immigration inspector
  • Intelligence researcher
  • Probate para legal
  • Foreign service officer
  • United Nations guide
  • Intelligence agent
  • Interpreter
  • Translator
  • Foreign area specialist
  • Consular assistant
  • Marketing assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Sales representative
  • Executive secretary
  • Creative director/assistant manager
  • Export documentation agent
  • Underwriter
  • Office administrator
  • Export manager
  • Sales coordinator
  • International money transfer 
  • specialist
  • Associate buyer
  • Assistant purchaser
  • Carrier/salesperson
  • Manager
  • International banker
  • International hotel manager
  • Consultant/cross cultural relations
  • Public relations representative
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Travel agent/tour guide
  • Export/import sales manager
  • Commodities broker
  • Insurance claims adjuster
  • Foundation representative
  • Staff development 
  • representative/international assignments
  • Banking associate
Human Services
  • Activity coordinator
  • Affirmative action officer
  • Fund raiser
  • Philanthropic foundation administrator
  • Social welfare worker
  • Teacher/bilingual education/English as a Second Language
  • Associate editor
  • Foreign correspondent
  • Journalist
  • Translator
  • Visual aids reviewer
Possible Salaries

Business Consultant
Internatinal Banker

Entry level: $58,000 a year   and senior partners/: $259,000
$325,000 a year plus bonuses and paid vacations.

For more Info try these sites: (Click the images)

 For personal testimonials from people in that occupations.

  For info on the Internatinal Studies department at UCI.


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