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Yronimos' HeroQuest Items

Dirt Cheap HeroQuest miniatures!

Print your own HeroQuest miniatures on cardstock.

HeroQuest Dice Roller for TableSmith

Lost your HeroQuest combat dice? Need to customize your HeroQuest dice to enhance game balance? Roll HeroQuest dice using this table and TableSmith (TableSmith can be downloaded at Brian Gulke's Mythosa Utilites site)


<>OK, I've got a public version of the dice roller and the cardboard miniatures uploaded!  links to the zip files are above.


It's been a while since I've made a webpage, so for now I'll just start with a slightly modified version of the generic Angelfire page. I'll work on it later on. To start with, I've got two HeroQuest items for download, but they're not completely ready yet. The image above is from a cardboard cutout monster army item for HeroQuest, but I'm going to modify the file slightly before calling it "finished" again. The other item I'm going to modify will be a HeroQuest dice roller I made up for TableSmith- it works fine on an older version of TableSmith, but I'll modify it for the latest version (actually, I've just done this, but I need to zip the results up, and write a readme file on how to install it into TableSmith).


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HeroQuest Collection (in .rar format)

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