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Pagan, Otherkin, Wiccan

 Education Resources & Support

of the University of Montana

Meeting Time: Fridays 6 pm, UC 333

ASUM Group Box 138 UC 2nd floor
Advisor: James R. Stevens x2789

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Mission Statement




Hannah Elliott, Web Mistress


Hi!  you have come to the POWERS website.  We are a Pagan group on the University of Montana campus.  We welcome all Pagans, Otherkin, and Wiccans, as well as any other religion you can think of.  We have members who are students, as well as many who are not.  We have members who attend every meeting, some who attend only on important holidays, and random people who show up because we are having an interesting presentation.

We meet every Friday at 6 pm, Usually in UC Room 333.




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