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About Me

Hello!,and welcome to the About Me section in my newest website.This is the only website I've built that has more than one page.As you should know already my name is Jessica Via and I am 14 years old.I'm 5'5''with brown hair and brown eyes.I weigh 100lbs.I live in Virginia and I'm currently a Model for V-Models in New York City.I'll be a Freshman at Thomas Dale High School next year and I'm sure that it'll be lots of fun!Anyways I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and allow you to get to know me a little bit better.My favorite things are in the following list;Drink:Mountain Dew, Food:Mac+Cheese, Desert:All of them, Restaurant:Anything with a buffet, Color:Sparkly Blue, Animal:Dragon/Unicorn/Phoenix, Place:NYC, Actor:Paul Walker, Actress:Julia Roberts, Movie:Peter Pan, Fairy:Tinkerbell, Fairies in general, Music:Rock, Band:I like too many!, Website:EBAY!hehe, Game:Need4Speed!, Book:Anything by Shakespeare and anything that has to do with Witchcraft except things that are putting it down, Religion:Pagan, Word:Serendipity, College:Julliard, Singer:Jewel/and others, Sport:Football, Author:Probably Raymond Buckland but I don't know maybe even Shakespeare, Flower:Rose, GName:Hrmm, BName:Aiydan, Hobbie:Singing/Acting, Occupation:CELEBRITY!, Car:1967 Shelby GT 500, Pastime:Reading, Jewel:Diamond, Store:The Unicorn Garden NOW ON TO MY DISLIKES...don't worrie this list is shorter...;People who think they know everything,brussel sprouts,Britney Spears,People who don't care about the community,People who have bad imaginations,Gossip,Lies,Sluts,Players,Ticking Clocks,Loud noises,Loud People,The Color Grey,Pollution,People who hurt animals,People who say Faeries arent _ _ _ _ I'm not finishing it because I'm not going to be responsible for a faeries death!,Stoners,Drugs,Smoking,Immaturity,Alcohol,Screw-Ups,People who dont love their parents,PoS Cars,POP-UPS!!!,Teachers who don't teach but instead wish to talk about their personal lives,racism,sexist people,People who try to shove religion down your throat (Thats a personal decision),Discremination of any kind,People who don't like me,Commercials,Did I mention Britney Spears???