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Welcome Light Seekers.

"Pemumbra" refers to that portion of shadow - next to the darkest part - wherein some diffused light does reach. Spiritually, that is where we are in relation the wisdom, knowledge and consciousness of the Living Cosmos. Penumbra was originally formed as a study partnership - a league of seekers who share research results into the esoteric and occult. These pages are an introduction to the results of those studies to date, and an open invitation to correspond with me. I post these for anyone looking into similar things.

Penumbra is not a school of magical training. It is not a path. I follow no single tradition. Penumbra is, then, the compilation of bits and pieces I've assimilated from myriad sources.

That which has been called "magic" I define as something we all do daily, though most of us have no knowledge of it whatsoever. We all do it, because we live within a creative system that responds to our Will,Mentation, Passion and Actions.

The ways in which we participate in the on-going creation process, for that is what "magic" is, building our futures for good or ill, is at the heart of Penumbra. Learning those processes and developing the necessary levels of consciousness to undertake the business of creating futures according to plan and will is at the heart of what has been called "magic", but ought to be called "spiritual development".

Feel free to contact me at the Email address provided.

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