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zinth8 [4:06:04 PM]: hello hello
oops_its_marozj [4:06:12 PM]: hi9
oops_its_marozj [4:06:14 PM]: *hi
zinth8 [4:06:15 PM]: lol
zinth8 [4:06:31 PM]: i didnt see you online any yesterday =o
oops_its_marozj [4:06:51 PM]: ya, i wasnt
oops_its_marozj [4:07:07 PM]: well, i was online, just not on any msnger
zinth8 [4:07:11 PM]: ahhh
zinth8 [4:07:12 PM]: lol
zinth8 [4:07:18 PM]: but still
zinth8 [4:07:20 PM]: wowowowow
zinth8 [4:07:47 PM]: not in the mood to talk/too busy/whatever other reason, hmm?
oops_its_marozj [4:08:02 PM]: yeah
zinth8 [4:08:11 PM]: ill take that as all of the above
oops_its_marozj [4:08:36 PM]: sure
oops_its_marozj [4:10:49 PM]: so, i hear youve been going around asking my friends about that guy i wont tell you about. whats with that??
zinth8 [4:11:07 PM]: oho
zinth8 [4:11:22 PM]: well
zinth8 [4:11:59 PM]: things that are big on my mind and i think about a lot i like to talk to other people about to relieve from my own mind, like you like to write stuff down
oops_its_marozj [4:13:01 PM]: well, they arent going to tell you. none of them know anyway and im not telling them, so just forget about it. plus, its really none of your business who it is anyway. you dont have to know
zinth8 [4:13:14 PM]: well, i knew they would tell me and they didnt know
zinth8 [4:13:17 PM]: *wouldnt
zinth8 [4:13:19 PM]: damn typos
zinth8 [4:13:33 PM]: i just wanted to relieve the stress from my mind; i knew i wouldnt get answers
zinth8 [4:14:35 PM]: but, i guess it isnt really any of my business anyway like you said
oops_its_marozj [4:16:55 PM]: its not anybodys business
zinth8 [4:17:14 PM]: true
zinth8 [4:18:10 PM]: and, i apologize completely
zinth8 [4:20:00 PM]: whatever that may mean to you
zinth8 [4:21:30 PM]: and that subject will never be spoken of by me again, unless someone else brings it up, then i can try to undo their knowledge
zinth8 [4:21:37 PM]: if you so desire
oops_its_marozj [4:23:35 PM]: sorry, my yahoo messed up..
zinth8 [4:23:38 PM]: ah, ok
zinth8 [4:24:12 PM]: but, know that i am truly sorry for anything, and i can try to undo any knowledge of the few people if you wish
zinth8 [4:27:02 PM]: (i really didnt think anyone would really care past that conversation, i just wanted to release my thoughts so they wouldnt multiply, but i guess if word about it got around to you i thought wrong)
zinth8 [4:29:51 PM]: thoughts? suggestions? flames?
oops_its_marozj [4:31:48 PM]: yes, yes, and yes, but im not saying them..
zinth8 [4:31:52 PM]: ahhh
zinth8 [4:31:54 PM]: i see
zinth8 [4:32:43 PM]: well, ill be sure to not repeat anything you tell me to anyone else from now on, since they seem to take them more to heart than expected
zinth8 [4:32:59 PM]: (of course, i have never mentioned anything you told me to not tell anyone to anyone)
zinth8 [4:40:08 PM]: i wont try to tell my part to justify myself though
zinth8 [4:40:23 PM]: (unless you want me to, but i rather doubt that)
oops_its_marozj [4:40:45 PM]: you can if you want, i dont care
zinth8 [4:41:53 PM]: well, i wasnt trying to spread rumor, more of express my "an 8th grader has what i dont, how sad is that" thought, since it was bugging me and i wanted to get it out of my mind
zinth8 [4:45:36 PM]: because i knew that you didnt want to hear any of that
oops_its_marozj [4:48:44 PM]: no, i didnt/dont. because (im sorry, but this is going to sound mean..) you need to Get Over It. i like a million different guys, and you need to not get upset over each one that you hear about, cause theres almost literally a million of them. and most of them, i dont have any more of a chance with them than you do with me. so...yeah.
zinth8 [4:49:04 PM]: ahh, i see
zinth8 [4:49:56 PM]: and youre right
oops_its_marozj [4:50:20 PM]: i know, i am
zinth8 [4:50:29 PM]: of course
zinth8 [4:53:39 PM]: i guess my main thing is is not what they have, but that i dont have it
oops_its_marozj [4:53:56 PM]: hm
zinth8 [4:54:09 PM]: but then again, i can always change
zinth8 [4:54:50 PM]: i guess i wouldnt expect myself to have it anyway, judging by the people ive been hanging around for the past years and other factors
oops_its_marozj [4:56:53 PM]: well, even if you could change (which is highly unlikely), itd probably be too late anyway
zinth8 [4:57:14 PM]: perhaps
zinth8 [5:00:24 PM]: i would ask you what it is i lack, but i know you dont want to get into that
zinth8 [5:00:49 PM]: (even though i have a good idea im sure)
oops_its_marozj [5:03:51 PM]: not going to go into that.
oops_its_marozj [5:03:55 PM]: ever
zinth8 [5:04:02 PM]: heheh
zinth8 [5:04:18 PM]: im sure i can figure it out anyway, if i havent already
oops_its_marozj [5:05:33 PM]: what would some of those things be do you think? (if you would tell me, but you dont have to
oops_its_marozj [5:05:34 PM]: )
zinth8 [5:05:48 PM]: oh, i will tell you, because i like telling you stuff
zinth8 [5:05:53 PM]: lets see...
zinth8 [5:06:27 PM]: outgoingness
zinth8 [5:06:51 PM]: charisma
zinth8 [5:07:16 PM]: significant humor
zinth8 [5:07:31 PM]: good looks (even though i guess that doesnt matter very much)
zinth8 [5:08:31 PM]: i talk in such a boring voice usually
zinth8 [5:08:47 PM]: (i try to not when im going to talk to you, but then when i actually see you im too nervous or something)
zinth8 [5:09:48 PM]: i probably havent been very fun to talk to in person, and online at times
zinth8 [5:10:27 PM]: hmm, what else...
zinth8 [5:11:32 PM]: i remember reading some of my older
comments, and seeing how devoid of personality they are zinth8 [5:11:44 PM]: i can just be too restrained
zinth8 [5:12:07 PM]: and then
zinth8 [5:12:21 PM]: ]when im around people who talk about the same thing at least 80 percent of the time
zinth8 [5:12:32 PM]: that limits my discussion knowledge
zinth8 [5:13:46 PM]: and then i can worry too much
zinth8 [5:14:10 PM]: be too concerned about upsetting people it seems
oops_its_marozj [5:15:48 PM]: wow, thats a lot of things
zinth8 [5:15:55 PM]: yes
zinth8 [5:16:08 PM]: and i hate how im like that
zinth8 [5:16:09 PM]: i hate it
zinth8 [5:16:13 PM]: i hate it so much
oops_its_marozj [5:16:23 PM]: hmm
zinth8 [5:17:13 PM]: i dont like being a "zombie"
zinth8 [5:17:59 PM]: theres probably more if i took the time to think about it
zinth8 [5:18:06 PM]: but i guess you get the ideaw
zinth8 [5:18:08 PM]: *idea
zinth8 [5:19:03 PM]: maybe i have other good qualities, but i dont have the ones that matter
zinth8 [5:19:41 PM]: at least not all the time
zinth8 [5:20:54 PM]: i seemed to have been really uninteresting on saturday night, and i just hated how i was like that
zinth8 [5:21:49 PM]: i dont blame ed for leaving our group, he wanted more out of life and knew that we would only hold him back (though, he got into drugs apparently, which isnt good)
zinth8 [5:22:26 PM]: though, i wouldnt have the heart to do that
zinth8 [5:23:21 PM]: im always too concerned about satisfying everyone else
oops_its_marozj [5:26:20 PM]: k, well im done with this
oops_its_marozj [5:26:21 PM]: bye
zinth8 [5:26:27 PM]: bye
Yahoo! Messenger [5:26:37 PM]: oops_its_marozj has signed out