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Not Just Charmed...

Still Congratulating Holly and David!!!

2 Days to Finley Arthur Donoho's First Birthday!

Charmed is back and ALL NEW!!! Julian McMahon guest starred as Cole's spirit, yes SPIRIT, as in only Piper, who ends up in a coma after a demon attack can see him, in April 10th's episode, "Seven Year Witch). Phoebe does sense him (or something) though.

Piper and Leo get minaturized and trapped in the Manor dollhouse by Wyatt after he sees Leo get injured by a demon in April 17th's Episode "Scry Hard".


Quote of the Week:

Piper (to Leo, after Wyatt has shrunk them both): "I will handle Wyatt. This needs a mother's touch. (yells) Wyatt Matthew Halliwell, you will stop this nonsense right now!"
Leo: "Wow, that's the first time you've used his full name."
Piper: "Yeah, well it sounds better when I'm scolding him."

~~"Scry Hard"

Hahahahehehe..... Oh my god....This made me crack up....



Piper: (after seeing her body on the stairs) "Oh no. Am I dead again?

~~"Seven Year Witch"

HA! Again...

(While Phoebe tries to scry for Leo and talks with Drake)
Drake: "Come on, don't scry for me Argentina."

~~"Seven Year Witch"


Drake: "The point is Leo and Piper's love, it's epic, it's massive. Like Romeo and Juliet, Anthony and Cleapatra....Brad and Jennifer."
Phoebe (i think, or Piper? or Paige?): "All tragedies I might add."
~~ "Seven Year Witch"

Brad and Jen. Haha.


Anyone else absolutely love the Piper and Leo scene with the roses and Piper finally agreeing to have dinner with Leo?

Yay! Lauren is outta the picture-completely-and Vaughn and Sydney are back together...I hope nothing else comes between them, but knowing producers.... <--Damn! I told you! I read a spoiler on
that Melissa George (Lauren) would be reappearing next season! Arghh...why can't evil people stay dead...?
^_^ An update on spoilerfix says that it looks like Melissa will NOT be coming back! Here's to hoping for some great "mushy" Sydney and Vaughn moments! They really need to be happy...

CONGRATULATIONS to Holly Marie Combs and David Donoho! Holly gave birth to Finley Arthur Donoho on April 26th, 2004.

The official message from Holly's publicist:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 27, 2004 - Actress Holly Marie Combs and David Donoho welcomed their first child, a baby boy, Finley Arthur Donoho on Monday, April 26th in Los Angeles, California. Both mother and baby are happy and healthy. Thanks!! Julie source: messageboard; link below:

Congrats to Michelle Kwan on her Gold at Nationals. her 9th national title, tie for most titles! Woot!

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