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Anh Truong,

Thank you, for everything you gave me and for giving me a place in your heart. I know it doesnít seem like
I trust you or believe you but if the world falls on me not knowing what are true and what are
lies, you will be the light to guide me through. You are whom I can trust and the only one for me
to depend on. On your shoulder I'll soon cry, to you I smile and I will always love you. Why? Because
Nguyen Son Truong, you are rare and special to me.
You came into my life. You gave me love and taught me how to be happy, how to trust, how to love and
how to live. For all that and so much more, I Thank You.

You came as a stranger who worried my heart but at the very same moment you wept away my tears, eased
my pain and healed my broken heart; You, a stranger, who became a part of my life, my best friend,
my other half, my dream, my future and my love.

I donít understand how other people can move on when they lost their other half because it would be
impossible for me to do so if anything ever happens to you. Anh Truong, anh Truong, donít
you know how much I love you? How much you mean to me? If youíve ever gone, life would be
barren and meaningless.

When I was a little girl, I wished for you and you came. You are special and kind in every ways, gentle and
sweet, mysterious and serious, with heart are so deep and hope remains forever

Today is December 25, 2003. Obviously, it is Christmas. I wish you the best and not only for a happy new
year but for all the coming years. We cannot avoid grieves but no matter how dark it might get,
you will find your light and a way out in every hardships; whether its sorrows or pains. You will not drown, you
will rise and if you do fail, your dreams will remain-- you will remain, by courage and faith you will
get back on your feet and fight again. You will not lose you will win and you will not cry you will
smiles. May all of your wishes and dreams come true, Merry Christmas and have a happy new year.

Anh Truong, em se mai mai yeu anh va mong cho anh.

Your lil baby gurl,
Hong Diep