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Mind-Bending Entertainment is a group of guys who love what they do, and that is to perform magic at all costs. We like to "bend" the minds of others and make the impossible possible and the disbelievers believers. You can catch us performing the "tricks" of the trade throught Cleveland and at Groucho's Saloon, located on 18336 East Bagley Rd. in the Middleburg Hts./Berea area on Saturday nights. We all have something to offer to the group and excel in areas that set us apart from other entertainers in the area as well as entertainers outside the area. Let me give you the low down! Rich Hess has been "abracadabraing" in and around the area for 34 years. With his sleight of hand and knowledge of all things magic, he is possibly the biggest asset to the group. Rich has the amazing ability to make cards, coins, and rings vanish, appear, brake, bend, fix, and fold all before the human eye. It sounds unbelieveable, but you'll have to see for yourself. Scottie Damas has been bustin' heads circa 1982. The youngest member of the group, he started entertaining 4 years ago when he met Rich Hess at the costume & magic shop they work at. He started out as a birthday party clown and soon traded in balloon animals and big shoes for a deck of cards and a top hat. With his likes for piercings and tattoos, he is definitely the freak of the group. You can catch him floating cigarettes, burning and blistering things into his skin, and vomiting up signed cards for your pleasure.(Ladies...Scottie also likes spiders, scorpions, and snakes, so watch out!) Last but not least we come to Rich Baldwin a.k.a Rich Kranium a.k.a. Al. The newest member of the group, Rich puts a "sleight" twist in any performance. Not only is he a member of Team Mind-Bend, but Rich hooked up with Rich #1 and Scottie through his work at Mr. Fun's Costume Shop, that makes him part of Team Fun's too. It is there that he honed his skills in magic and found his need to perform for an audience. Before Mind-Bending Entertainment, Rich performed at his father's bar and at parties for adults. Rich is more of the quiet type, but don't let this fool you. He will sneak up on you at any given time and fan a deck of cards. Rich has a very unique approach to magic, one would say that he reminds you of a gambler. He loves fancy cuts, card fans, and ribbon spreads. Rich will lose your card in the deck, allow you to shuffle it, then he allows the ceiling to do the work. It is a complete gamble. You should be very afraid of this man, not only can he read your mind, but he will bend spoons, forks, and knives with his mind. Mind-Bending Entertainment provides entertainment for anyone anywhere, rain or shine. We suit the need for any party, picnic, banquet, and wedding. Close-up is our speciality, but we love to do stage performances as well. Come on down to Groucho's Saloon on Saturday nights to kick back and see some of the talent that these guys have to offer. Hell, come on down if you just want to kick back and swill a few beers and meet a few people, but I assure you that you will leave 1.Entertained and 2.Mesmerized. We can be contacted through the e-mail at the bottom of the page or through Groucho's Saloon at (440)239-0765, ask for Linda. R.I.P. John Novak


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