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-The SHAMAN's Guide To Magic-

My Favorite things about Angelfire.

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Welcome to the SHAMAN'S Guide To Magic Website! Here you will find a small collection of Free Tricks, Great Magic Links, and, Best of All, My New E-Book "The SHAMAN'S Guide to Magic." Within this E-Book, you will find How-To's for almost any trick you might want to know, especially if you are interested in "Street Magic" (the David Blaine style). Some of the Trick Guides include: -The AMBITIOUS CARD ROUTINE (as seen on David Blaine's "Street Magic") -The TWO CARD MONTE (as seen on David Blaine's "Street Magic") -The BIDDLE TRICK (a great effect that gets incredible reactions!) -The REAL BALDUCCI LEVITATION -OBJECT LEVITATION -SPOON AND FORK BENDING (as seen on Alain Nu's "The Mysterious World of Alain Nu") -THOUGHT CARD TRICK (as seen on David Blaine's "Street Magic") -THOUGHT NUMBER TRICK (as seen on David Blaine's "Street Magic") -TORN AND RESTORED THREAD TRICK (as seen on David Blaine's "Street Magic") -DEAD FLY RESURRECTION (as seen on David Blaine's "Magic Man") -The 360 DEGREE ARM TWIST TRICK (as seen on David Blaine's "Street Magic") -HOW TO MAKE AND USE YOUR OWN COIN-VANISH DEVICE (Similar to the "Raven") AND MUCH MORE for Only $12.00!!! You see, the reason that I created this E-Book was not necessarily for money (as you can see yourself, Most Guides to the tricks above cost 2-3x what my E-Book costs, and yet they only teach 1-3 Tricks!), but more for the young, up-and-coming magician who does not have $100.00 to waste in various places learning all these routines when they can be easily AND cheaply learned in some other way (this E-Book). If you are interested in "Blaine-style" Street Magic, "Nu-Style" Mentalism, or just plain fun Magic Effects, I highly recommend this E-Book for you as your starting point/foundation for the skills you must learn. Also included in the E-Book are several "Recommended Courses" that take what is shown in my E-Book to the next level, but don't cost too much. Note: Since this product is an E-Book (and therefore is vulnerable to theft, copying, etc.) I cannot allow any refunds for it (though I highly doubt any of you will want a refund!!!)! The SHAMAN