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Welcome To The Magical World Of Hogwarts

In The Magical World of Hogwarts you can Get sorted into your House, Take Classes, or Get A Job as A Professor. At Hogwarts you must Register for Two classes but you can take more if you wish. Lessons are posted every Two weeks and you may get homework to do. If you complete these lessons and the Homework you will win House Points for your House. House Points are posted in the common rooms and in all the classes.


Term will Start on . At that Time you Must Have two or more classes chosen or you will be expelled from Hogwarts. If you fall back on your work and you have Five or More T's (Trolls) on any assignment you will also be expelled. You can go to the Great Hall and Chat with other Members of Hogwarts. If you are a student and want to start A club Send an Owl Headmaster Avarie with the details of the Club and he may approve it. If you think You are Ready for this journey into the Magical World Of Hogwarts You May

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