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Forever My Siri
Tuesday, 7 September 2004
Lucky Seven
Mood:  spacey
Lucky Seven

A/N: Many of my new stories will be posted on here! I'll get out the two I have before I post to this one again (so it doesn't get confusing) Happy reading!

Summary: (Vaguely based on the movie: Lucky Seven) Lily Evans still mourns the loss of her mother and intends to follow her mother?s advice; all of it. She became a writer for the Daily Prophet under her mother?s wishes. Amos Diggory is waiting for her - the only problem is, he is number six, when her mother told her to marry number seven. She decides that a man - James Potter - will be a suitable six, so she can live happily with Amos. Or try to, at least.

(Sample Chapter) Lucky Seven


Her hair cascaded to her shoulders as she pulled her cloak around her, trying to stay warm on a cold day in late November. She wrenched open the door to the Three Broomsticks before slamming it shut noiselessly.

??Lo Lil! Get any good American chaps, eh??

?Doesn?t matter,? another stranger called. ?He?d only be number five.?

?Aye,? the first voice agreed. ?And we can?t have that can we, Lily love??

She decided to ignore them by walking up to the counter.

?Welcome back,? said the man politely. She looked up to meet hazel eyes.

?Thanks,? she said uncertainly. ?I?ll take a butterbeer to--?

?To go? Yes. You order the same thing everyday, Lily. Then you run off to the Daily Prophet like always. You?ll never change, Evans.?

She looked up startled. ?How d?you know my name??

?Don?t you recognize me?? he grinned, taking her money and muttering his name.

In all reality she had known quite well and remembered quite clearly who he was. For he wasn?t ordinary. Every day he would take her order and every day he?d flirt with her. Because he was stuck in his old ways, like always. That brilliant looking bloke: James Potter.

Posted by magic2/loveforsiriu at 4:55 PM EDT
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Sunday, 3 October 2004 - 8:42 PM EDT

Name: stephanie
Home Page:

This is pretty cool! Is there a way that you can like update me everytime you post something new on here?? I'd really appritiate(sp?) it if there was! I luv that you are writing again!

Saturday, 18 December 2004 - 11:07 AM EST

Name: JJ

brilliant as usual!!! :P keep writing pleeeeeaaaasseee!! :D

N.B. hey, i was wondering that maybe u could write a fic companian to 'He Loved Me' and with all the same events but from James' point of view instead of Lily's. i thought that might be cool. (if u want to of course - you don't have to!!) :) :) :) and if u need help with finding songs for fics and stuff i'm all for help. ;) but i can't email with ideas coz i somehow i'm stopped from SENDING any emails!! (VERY annoying.... *grrr*) sorry 'bout this long comment - i tend to ramble a lot. XP XP XP

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