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My Journey Home

Welcome and thank you for visiting my web page. It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to be on-line and construct a new web page. I am looking forward to sharing all of my experiences in life with you.

I have been on a very profound journey for the past 2 years. Being recently diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder Type II has been a great challenge. I am hoping that sharing my experiences of coming to terms with this illness will help others in their own journeys.

Let me begin this tale of all tales. It was 3 years ago that I entered what I thought to be yet another "blue period". I have for most of my life been plagued by bouts of depression. This one, however, was going to prove to be the biggest of them all. I remember not being able to move from my bed. I had stopped eating, sleeping and getting up and out of bed was becoming incressingly harder and harder. Then I lost my job. The spiral down into a darkness I have never before or since experienced. I just couldn't find any reason to go on. It just seemed that every time I thought I was on the path to success something would happen and I would be on the edge of losing everything. I was tired of being alone and even more tired of having to start all over. This time death was the most logical answer. I just figured if I could get my hands on some pills I would be able to take them and be done with the whole thing called life.