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October 04, 2004 - Hey there everyone! Do you like the new Chaos Inc. Logo? How much do you like it? Enough to a button? Yes? Good! Then trot on over to the new Little Chaos Inc. Online Store! Support a starving artist, buy a button! ^_~

October 01, 2004 - Hello, all. Sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I put up a couple of pic.s in the Gifts, Trades, and Commissions gallery. Also a new sketch in the Fantasy gallery and another in the Sci-Fi and Modern gallery. Hope that you enjoy!

June 04, 2004 - Hey there! Just put up a bunch of lovely pictures that people have done for me in the Guest Art section of the Art Gallery, so be sure to check them out. Also put up a few pieces for a new story in the Sci-Fi and Modern section as well as a new sketch in the Realism section.

May 26, 2004 - Hello, all. Sorry that it's been a while since my last update here. Remember, if you want my newest material now, now, now, go visit my Deviant Art account. Things are going to be changing on the site, once again. I'm trying to get myself going in the world of freelance art, so expect to see some PayPal info. and whatnot soon. Until then, anyone wishing to negotiate an art commission can simply e-mail me. I've added another piece in the RPG character gallery as well as the gifts, trades, and commissions gallery. Be sure to check them out! I'll also be hashing through my galleries and taking off some of the older pieces for space reasons. If I take down a piece that you like, try looking for it on my Deviant Art account.

April 13, 2004 - Happy belated Easter, everybody! ^_^ Sorry, it's been a while since my last update. Lots of new stuff up in the Gifts, Art Trades, and Commissions section as well as an addition or two to the Guest Art page. Also put a new one up in the Sci-Fi and Modern section.

Mar. 7, 2004 - I've been playing with the idea of changing the gallery page formats. I'm still really unsure about whether I should change it or not and would love to get some input from you. Here is an example of what the new gallery pages would look like. Please tell me what you think!

Mar. 7, 2004 - I have discovered the wide world of Java script! If you look at the Main Page you will notice that the links to the different sections come complete with mouseover fun! Oh yeah, added some stuff to the Sci-fi/Modern gallery and the Gifts/Commissions gallery too.

Feb. 29, 2004 - Uploaded more RL drawings and anthro art. More in the fantasy art page as well.

Feb. 28, 2004 - Uploaded a few things to the real life art section as well as the fantasy art page.

Feb. 21, 2004 - The transformation begins! Check it out. New menu buttons on the Main Page. More new graphics are on the way!

Feb. 16, 2004 - Put up the Valentine's Day picture of Isabelle and Pierre in the Anrthopomorphic Art gallery. Sorry about it being a little late. I went home for the weekend. No access to a scanner. Pretty please how the picture turned out. It was a quickie for my boyfriend.

Feb. 14, 2004 - Added the Links page and, in fact, this Updates page. By the way, happy Valentine's Day! Or, as I like to call it, "Woman Placation Day". I've got a new picture of Pierre and Isabelle to upload into the Anthropomorphic Art section of the site and several more pieces in the works. I'm also working on a set of graphics for this website which I'm hoping will give it a slightly more professional look than the ones currently in use.

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