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Behold! A list of artists and writers who have far cooler websites than mine! Check 'em out.

Fox Prints The home of Tracy Butler and Candy Palmer: two of the artists that I worship. It was Tracy's work that first enspired me to begin drawing. They're both absolutely fabulous.

The home page ofAimee Major. She animates. Need I say more?

The Onion A really funny, highly satirical look at world news.

Homestar You haven't lived until you've seen a Strongbad e-mail.

Legendary Frog Some of the funniest LOTR Flash animations I've ever seen!

Side7 is a great little art community. A lot of my friends have their stuff up there. Look for Lichelle Moore and Alexandra Brandt. ^_^

Deviant Art is a wonderful art community. I have an account there. Go check it out!

Yerf was the very first art community that I ever visited. Fantastic anthropomorphic art by unique and talented artists.

Elfwood is a lovely community that features fantasy, sci-fi, and fanart. They also have a section reserved for the writings of their community members. Delightful and easy to navigate.

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