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The Closest You Can Get To Real Magic!

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The magic performed by Lamont Ream is truly classical magic at its finest!

In his fast moving performances, Lamont focuses on combining the mystique of magic and illusion with hilarious tall-tale patter that narrates each effect. His classical performances are a perfect blend of entertainment and well-placed comedy. His shows are great for educational groups, college productions, festivals, corporate events and conventions.

Experience Lamont's close-up magic LIVE in Boulder, Colorado!!

Lamont performs every Tuesday at:
Murphy's Bar and Grill (South Murphy's)
657 S Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305
from 4:30 - 8:30 pm.

Lamont performs every Thursday at:
Murphy's Bar and Grill (North Murphy's)
2731 Iris
Boulder, CO 80304
303 449 4473
from 4:30 - 8:30 pm.

Lamont Ream creates and performs some of the world's most amazing magic effects. He has been a full-time professional magician for many years. He is known as a "Magician's Magician" by his peers in the magic community. His world class specialty is close-up magic. He is well-known for his flawless coin magic.

Professional magicians who watch him perform will tell you that Lamont is the closest you can get to real magic! Lamont Ream is the originator of many new magic techniques and the inventor of dozens of magic tricks. He is the published author of several magic books, including the sought after treatise Coin Creations. This Colorado-based magician is a frequent lecturer at magic clubs and gatherings.

Like many magicians, Lamont Ream was inspired by the greatest magician of all time, Harry Houdini. Houdini is the world’s most well known magician, famous for his daring escapes. These intriguing escapes kindled a passionate interest in a young Lamont Ream. Early on, Lamont began collecting Houdini memorabilia and closely studying his famous illusions.

With practice and perseverance, Lamont mastered the classics of magic, including many of the escapes made famous by Houdini. Some of his favorites include: The Milk Can Escape, The Multiple Shackle Escape, The Metamorphosis, and other amazing escapes.

Lamont even mastered the famous Houdini Strait Jacket Escape, which he performed while suspended upside down, more than one hundred feet in the air!
"...Traffic screeched, women gasped, sirens screamed.
Practically the entire Boulder police force converged on Canyon Boulevard
in front of the Red Barn Restaurant as Lamont calmly freed himself."
Westword Magazine

Even though Lamont Ream is well-known for his amazing escapes, he is best loved for his specialty: Close Up Magic. Lamont makes cards and coins disappear, reappear, transpose and melt away, right before the eyes of startled spectators!


The famous Sunday Brunch at The Broker Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado has ended. Now, after twenty-one years, the man known as
'The Broker Magician' is available to perform at your Sunday Brunch!!

With Lamont's huge clientele following, your fine Sunday Brunch is guaranteed to be absolutely outstanding! Call 303-666-4311 TODAY to schedule
a magic demonstration at your restaurant.


Lamont’s Show list Includes:
  • Magic With Lamont: This is a 45 minute stage performance that includes the classics of magic! This show is flawlessly blended with audience participation and is certainly guaranteed to please your crowd. Magic With Lamont is especially popular with parties, family gatherings, professional events, trade shows, and audiences of all kinds.

  • An Evening of Close-Up Magic: This is an extended roving performance that includes magic with coins, cards, balls, and ordinary objects produced by the spectator. This performance selection is exceptional because much of the magic actually happens in the spectator’s own hands! An Evening of Close-Up Magic is perfect for formal dinner parties, restaurants, professional gatherings, trade shows, and corporate holiday parties. Your audience will talk about the magic of Lamont Ream for years to come.

  • The Custom Show: Let Lamont use his entertainment expertise to design a show that will meet the needs of your particular audience. In most cases, there is no additional charge for consultation and customization. Lamont Ream can put together a show that will enhance a particular theme or emphasize a certain product to make that special event or trade show even more enchanting!

    Whatever your special occasion,
    let Lamont Ream take care of your entertainment needs.

    What Magicians Say about Lamont Ream:
      “When you make a list of the Nation's top coin magicians, make sure Lamont Ream's name is included.”
       Al Schneider
      Lamont Ream is one of the most creative people in magic. His skill and dedication to the craft are matched by only a handful of people worldwide. Lamont is simply one of the finest gentlemen and magicians I have ever known.
       Larry Crowley - Magic by Lawrence
      “I loved Lamont's version of Bill to Lemon, but if I endorse it other magicians will buy it. His Bill to Lemon trick is so amazing I want to keep it all to myself.”
       Michael Ammar
      “The Incredible Lamont has been a good friend, a mentor and a source of great ideas for the last 30 years. His version of "The Coin Matrix" using no playing cards and only his hands is the closest thing I have ever seen to "real magic".
       The Amazing Dave Elstun
      "We just had a lecture for our club (Southern Colorado Magic Association). Our lecturer was Lamont Ream from Colorado. The lecture was outstanding! Lamont is a true gentleman and a very well kept secret."
       Kyle Groves
      "Lamont continues to surpass every magic mentor he has worked with. Performing with him is always a lesson in entertainment. My audiences are happy; his audiences are ecstatic!"
       Robert LaRue - The Omnibozoologist

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