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If I Could

Three Hundred Miles

I Love You


Me Because of You

Alone and Destroyed


If I Could

If I could open my heart

I’d show you just how much I love you

We’d get lost in our love

Spending hours with only each other to hold on to


If I could give you the world

I’d travel the globe with my only girl

It would be such a thrill

So many dreams of ours we’d have to fulfill


I wish we could live our lives

In the future of when we want to

Reach up and touch the sky

Grab onto dreams of you and me


And in the end it will be

A perfect picture of you and me

And when onlookers ask who is she

I’ll say she’s the one that helped set me free

My love leaks out of my heart since it’s too full

Contaminating the air and everything around

And finally when its covered our world

We’ll forever be lost in our sound…

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Three Hundred Miles

Three Hundred Miles in our way

A distance so far and great

One month left until this is over

Too much time to wait

I miss you more as the seconds pass

Every second seems to take forever

I just close my eyes and pretend you’re here

Imagining that we’re together

I know that we’ve done this all before

But now it’s too much to do

I don’t want to wait anymore

I just want to be at home with you

These last few months have been very rough

I’ve acted alone and selfishly

But I love you dear with every part of my heart

I will show you what you mean to me

A hug that will last forever in our minds

And even longer in our hearts

Was the beginning of something great

Was where we had our start

An empty soccer field, a wooden park

I could go on forever

Of all the great memories we share

The best times in my life are when we’re together

This relationship has made it through

Some of the toughest times it will ever see

Let me make a promise to you

That the past was the toughest it will ever be

A vow to never wrong you again

Sealed with a touch of our lips

I love you Lorena and everything that you are

I miss your smile, you laugh, your touch, and most of all your kiss…

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I Love You

I love that when it rains outside

You cheer up just a little bit

And when we go outside

Our kisses get better with every drip


I love the way I see your tongue

Whenever you are thinking

I love how warm your back always feels

Whenever we are sleeping

I love the giggle you always make

When I compliment you just a bit

I love how you learned to bake

And imagining you with an oven mitt

I love how your room is always messy

But at the same time so perfect too

I love how every day

I fall more in love with you

I love how you love pickles

And would eat them all day long

I love how you say Mr. Pickles

And how you love that dog

I love the way you hold me tight

Whenever I come home

And that when we are together

I never feel alone

I love your kiss

I love your lips

I love you perfect hair

I love your looks

I love your touch

I love to look at you and stare

Every day, in every way

I want to make this the best

Your so good to me, so perfectly

You are above the rest

So no more fights, no more restless nights

It just hurts us both so much

Just perfect dreams of perfect things

Of our kiss and of our touch…

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Hanging up the phone again

I'm losing this battle which we call love

How did it get so messed up like this

How did I let you get so distant from me


This is all my fault, I know it's true

I can see it in your eyes and the way that you speak

Hurting us both it slowly drags us down

Until all you can see is doubt left


Turned away now I can finally see

Just what I did to bring us here

Hoping that I'm back here in time

I run to you screaming your name


My hearts pounding so fast, my head is ablaze

Cuz now I can finally realize

What I've done so wrong for so very long

I've finally opened my eyes


I know it takes time, I know it takes patience

To heal wounds and make better battle scars

But there isn't a single couple in this world

With a love that can be as strong as ours...

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Me Because of You

Your picture still hangs above my bed.

Memories of you go running through my head;

You laugh, your smile, your tough, your kiss.

All of these are things that I reminisce.


You have torn out my heart before

And thrown away the key.

I found it and kept it safe

In your memories.


You gave me your heart once again,

But I tore it out and left it for dead.

I came back again & took it once more;

I cradled it gently, not wanting more


But feelings interfered like they always do.

What to believe, what path to choose…

I let them lead me to an extraordinary time,

When I was yours and you were mine.


Yes we did bicker,

Yes we did fight,

But I fought for you

Each and every night!

I gave it everything I had left in me,

But I lost everything so suddenly.


One little thing

And you tore it all apart!

My feelings,

My person,

Who I am,

My heart…


You just took it all away

Never to return again.

You shut yourself out from me

And you just tried to pretend.


I lay here cold and lost,

Without a place to go.

I call your name out loud,

Through the blinding snow.


I am unable to see you

And you don’t want to be seen,

No matter how much I call for you,

No matter how loud I scream.


All I’m asking is for you to look at me

And realize is isn’t just that smooth.

You can’t just shut me out

Because you know you lose too.


I sit here and wait, thinking of you,

Wondering why you seem so distant,

And not daring anymore to move…

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Alone and Destroyed

This will be the first and last thing

I ever will write about you;

To show you what you did to me;

To show others what you will do


You were My Konstantine,

That's full of shit!

Why don't you put it on your iPod,

Push play, and listen to it.


That song is 9 minutes long.

It was meant to last.

But just after 2 god damn months

You threw us into the past.


You know what your problem is,

You can't stand commitment,

And now that it's out there

I hope you will fucking realize it!


I gave you my heart;

You took it with ease;

But now you stand there;

Watching it bleed.


I made an attempt to see you,

Why couldn't you do the same?

You're not the only one with fucking stress,

We're all playing this game.


But now you've crossed me off your list,

I was just another boy.

To me you were more than just another girl,

But you have left me standing here alone and destroyed.

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