All praise your High Lord Protector, and may you die with honor. High Lord Protector Justin Coats
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If your reading this then your either really board, lonley, or just lost. What ever the reason your here and I have to entertain you with something. At first I thought I would use soem pictures of attractive females (for the guys) and a large picture of me (for the ladies), but then you would droll all over your keyboard and ruin it; see I think about you folks.

So I guess if you got this far your probly wanting to know a little about me. My name is the title of the page so that's covered. Next I guess I might want to add that I live in Indiana in the United States of America. Thats as close as I'll go unless you a very, very hot model. I know other non-model people would like to find out, but I must keep the list short. I can't have to many people stalking me at one time, especially if there not modles, and extra-especially if there not hot! Besides you all will get a chance to find out where I live once I take over the world anyway, so just calm down.

For those who don't know this is going to be my web site once I get off my lazy word dominating ass and finish it. I will have a corner for my Magic the Gathering Magic the Gathering decks so as you can copy them and beat all your friends. There might be some message boards under each deck so that you can tell me how great the deck is. I also plan to add a corner of the web site for a future web comics that my friend and I plan to do. For details come back and I'll provide the details to my loyal subjects and servents. Lastly I plan to add a corner of my web site to the great and bold Dungeons and Dragons. You may download and use all of the content from that corner, but you must remamber to praise your High Lord Protector and make sure that all the other lessers lifeforms around you also praise me and my greatness.

I am currently unemployed so as I can spend the time planning my world donimation. I used to work retail until I decided that I was not going to take over the world from a groecy store. What else do I do with my free time you may ask, well I do play magic and Everquest 2. I also sleep, eat, go to Ivy Tech, breath, daydreaming about hot models, bath, and use the bathroom. I would have to say that my faverate thing to do on my free time is to play magic and watch others bow down to my greatness.