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Teen Life and Faith

Hi! My name is Faith and I am here to give all of you teens a chance to give your ideas and opinions out into the world. Life can be very rough and despite what all the adults say, many of us are confused and some jsut don't know where they are heading. With school and friends and family, sometimes we all just need a breather. The main thing this site is about is to show you that no matter how bad things get or how deep in trouble you find yourself, God will always take care of you. No matter how many times you fall, he always offers his hand to you, and helps you up. So trust in Him! Afterall, He loves you dearly and all he wants is for you to love Him back. For Comments sign my Guest Book!
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There are Three Main Things To Do Hear

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Here are thoughts on God, His Word, and the Bible!
Here are some of my favorite games and other activities