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This page is full of other things that I like

**Created by Ashleigh Jane Richardson**

This page is just filled with stuff that I like. It has a lot of moving pictures on it so I think you'll be happy about that. I like moving pictures, don't you?

I think the first subject would have to be music. I like old soul music, Stevie Wonder, Motown stuff, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Queen and just about anything else really. I would say I liked all different kinds of music and I like anything that sounds good to me, I don't really care who sings it. The only kind of music I can't stand is dance, rave and crappy stuff like that. They just take good songs and slowly and painfully kill them - so that is my reason.

I think the person in music I like the most is Michael Jackson and due to reason events I'm sure some of you will disagree. However, there are millions of fans out there who will agree so this is for them (but if the people that don't like him keep scrolling, I'm sure they'll find something they like).

Look! A cool dancing picture! - I know I'm sad but I like moving pictures (I think you guessed that by now).

Michael Jackson albums (if you don't already know them)
- Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory, Blood On The Dance Floor (HIStory in the mix), Invincible, Michael Jackson Number Ones. I've got them all - yes, incase you're wondering, I am very sad.

Other albums that I have - Ben, Music And Me, Forever Michael, Jackson Five Greatest Hits, Jacksons Live, Destiny, Skywriter, Victory, Triumph, Jackson Five Third Album and lots of other singles and interviews.

DVD's and videos that I have - The Wiz, Moonwalker, Ghosts, HIStory, Number Ones and other stuff which I can't think of.

Merchandise that I have - MJ doll (with 'Black Or White' clothes), four books, posters, tapes and other stuff. (A tip - if you want a doll I got mine from Forbidden Planet in Newcastle, it's a good shop with lots of film merchandise - check it out if you leave near it.

Never smash your instruments! It's not rock and roll, it's just mean.
I thought it was time for another moving picture - I noticed you nodding off there.


Full Name
- Michael Joseph Jackson
Parents - Catherine Jackson and Joseph Jackson
Brothers - I think there are five and there's Michael
Sisters - Three (Janet, Reebie and Latoya) I think
Eyes - Brown
Hair - Black
Place Of Birth - Gary, Indiana
Favorite book - Peter Pan
Favorite Number - seven
Birthday - 29th of August 1958
And now I'm all out of ideas. Don't ask me how I know all of that stuff. I think it was on a website or something but now you are intelligent and you know a lot more about Michael Jackson, I'm sure.

The picture above shows the moonwalk, a dance move invented on the streets but made famous by Michael. The first time he did it in public was at the Motown 30th anniversary when he performed 'Billie Jean' - which is on the above picture. You learn something new every day don't you!

Alright, it's time to change the subject before you fall asleep. I just want to say I love Michael Jackson and I think he's the best - I'm sure you agree!

I also like Movies! I want to be an animator when I grow up so I spend a lot of my time watching kids films and drawing too. I'm sure you all love kids films like, Finding Nemo...

Click here!

...Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monster's Inc and many more!

I also like films like - The Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed, Harry Potter, Disney films, Shark Tale, Shrek, Madagascar, Robots, Moulin Rouge, Holes, Peter Pan (the new one), The Road To El Dorado...

...and Spiderman of course.

I would really like to leave a space for my Dog and my family here as well because I love them. My dog is lovely, his name is Dylan - but you already know that, if you're paying attention - and he's a Bedlington Terrier. I've wanted a dog all my life but my mother and father just gave in when I was eleven or twelve - I'm fifteen now. I just want to say that I love him because I do. Many thanks to the man in Hartlepool - who I bought Dylan from - and many thanks to my mam and dad for letting me have him.

Aw! He's cute isn't he?

I suppose I should tell you about my family too because I can tell you SO interested. My mother is called Lorraine an unlike many people my age, I actually like her. I mean I love her, of course. She works at a psychiatric hospital, in dispensary. I did my work experience there and it seemed like a nice place to work. My father is called Chris and he loves his motorbikes, he has a Harley and a Triumph. The Harley is old and rusty and the Triumph is new and shinny, he likes the Harley best because he has more in common with it - just kidding! I love my dad as well and I'll always stick up for him because we are very alike.

My dad on his Harley (Easy rider)

I have two brothers and I am the middle child, so you can imagine what that is like. My big brother is called Michael and he lives in Glasgow but he comes to visit a lot. He's nineteen but we have a lot in common and we have our own sense of humor - which no one else gets. I love my big brother because we get on really well and are very alike. My little brother is called Darren and he's nothing like me but we still get on well - most of the time. We have arguments occasionally but we still love each other. He's a bit of a charva and he's twelve so that's probably why we argue sometimes.

Shooting some pool in Spain

Above is a picture of me and Darren - my little brother - in Salou (Spain). It was a great holiday but it doesn't look very sunny on this picture because it was night time. My hair and my face are a bit of a mess on this picture but never mind.

I think that is all I can think of putting on this page for now. I'll leave you with one more moving picture of the King and then you can just click on the button Below to look at the other pages.