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You’re my first thought of the day,
The one I’ll never push away.
You’re my moon and sun in the sky,
You’re that one reason I won’t say goodbye.

You’re the one person who makes me smile,
Knowing we’ll be together for a while.
You’re the sunlight of my day,
You’re name is the one I love to say,

You keep me happy when I'm mad,
And make me smile when I’m sad.
When I think of you,
I can’t help but smile,
You fill me with happiness,
that makes my time worthwhile.

It doesn’t matter what happens,
You’re always there to dry my tears.
To tell me that I'm beautiful,
And to chase away my fears.

You’re every thing I could ask for,
My sunshine on a rainy day,
And every whisper from your lips,
Just makes me simply melt away.

I think about you everyday,
And dream of you every night.
There’s no one else quite like you,
I know that when you’re here,
it feels just right.

Out of everyone in this world,
You could never be replaced.
You are in my heart forever,
And will never be erased.


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