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My Rants and Raves

Ok welcome to my page:)This is like my rants and raves.Ok more or rants:PHi i'm Jenny.And this stuff is about me.Me loves to read.Favorite books are LOTR,Unexpected Dragon,The unlikely ones and more.I read almost anything of the science fiction & fanasty.Like mytical things and reading about DRAGONS!!!O.oBut don't get me wrong me believe there a God:)I like being silly and joking around,but can be serious when call for.My son rules me and my heart at all times(I LOVE YOU ALLEN*huggies*)Music I like Is Rap&Rock.But this song on this page is Hero and is favorite song.Think everyone needs a hero in there life.But most haven't found theres yet:/Well they might have found them,but it yet to hit them yet:P and If care for someone you should tell them before it's to late.

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