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         Tom Felton



Even though you don't see him as often on the screen as you probably would like too, this guy works as hard as he can and has fun at the same time! So do you want to know more about him? Well keep reading and enjoy learning more about one of your favorite actors!!!

FUN FACT: Did you know that Tom isn't much like Draco? He says that he really has brown hair and hates using a ton of gel! Oh my god not gel!

Well, Tom was born in Surrey, England on September 22, 1988. He is now at the age of 17. Tom original hair color was brown and he's got blue eyes. He has three older brothers that are 18,21,and 22 but I do not know their names! His favorite sport is fishing and that's why he wants to major in fish studies at college! Tom can get busy doing his hobbies instead of  job because his hobbies are football, ice skating, rollerblading, basketball, swimming, tennis, singing, and something called cricket! I hope you had fun finding out more about Tom Felton! Thanks!

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