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Rupert Grint



This young red head is one of the newest and bests red head actors of Great Britain! Between being Harry's best friend and the premieres, he hardly has time to tell you just who he is! Well now you can read a little bit about Rupert if you just roll down a little bit more!!!

Fun Fact: Rupert has arachnophobia, or in other words he HATES spiders! Bet that wasn't much fun to work in Chamber of Secrets, now was it Rupert?

He was born in Hertfordshire, England on August 24,1988 with the full name of Rupert Michael Grint. Rupert has red hair and blue eyes. His mother's name is Jo and his father is Nigel. They also had three daughters: Georgina, Samantha, and Charlotte. Rupert also has a brother named James. He loves chemistry when he can go to school as a favorite subject. His favorite music is rap. Drawing, football, swimming, and bike riding are Rupert's hobbies. Well that's all I have for Rupert Grint hope you enjoyed the page and if you didn't sorry!

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