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  Welcome to Extreme Harry Potter 4ever!!!

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Welcome to my extreme Harry Potter site! I don't have it done yet but I'm doing my best! Please let me know what you think of it so far by emailing me at thanks! But please keep in mind that my site is on a free angelfire account and I will have to do my best to do polls and guest books and more! ThAnKs! enjoy!


      the following (below) is now ready for you to look at or close enough! just click on the button/picture and go!



Daniel's page      Emma's page    Rupert's page


Tom's page          HP News page

 all pictures and info were used from magazines or other websites or myself! please be careful with what you do with these pictures and info! you still have the right to use anything but if you get in trouble for using these things do not blame me or the website! thank you very much for your cooperation!:)


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