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What new junk food was introduced during the 90s that you can think of? 


bulletBanana Milk
Nestle tried out a product called banana milk to go along with their chocolate milk and strawberry milk. It was a powder.

bulletBubble Tape
It's exactly what it says: bubble gum tape. It was six feet of bubble gum that my siblings chewed constantly. It came out before the 90s, but was heavily marketed in the 90s

bulletCarl's Jr.
You know what it is. In the '80s, it was "the fourth one," behind McDonald's, Burger King, and Jack in the Box, but, with its aggressive and subliminally sexual marketing campaign "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face" in the face of the health-conscious craze of the '90s, it skyrocketed in popularity for its shameless celebration of all its cholesterol-laden menu items.

Citra's a citrus pop similar to Fresca that was released in 97 or 98, around the same time as surge. It's not very popular, as far as I know, but it's still around

bulletClearly Canadian
Bottled Canadian spring water with caffeine added. Came in many flavors. Still around I hear, but with radically different bottles and flavors.

bulletCorn Nuts
Weird stuff that looked like little corn kernels. Predates the 90s.

A cranberry juice based martini that everyone started ordering after Extra told them this is Hollywood's Potion of Choice.

bulletCrystal Pepsi
Similar to 7-Up. I think it started in 1992 and they took it off the market about five years ago. I liked it when it first came out as an alternative to Pepsi, but right before it was discontinued it started to taste funny.

bulletDoritos 3Ds
Immortalized by Ali Landry flinging them around in various Laundromat appliances (and then doing back-flips and splits before catching them in her mouth), these were basically Doritos-meets-Bugles. Take the average triangular Doritos chip, puff it out and give it the texture (and the taste) of a Bugle, and you got it.

It was little graham crackers of kangaroos doing some kind of sport, and it came with a little thing of frosting to dip them in. It was kind of like the Cheese and Crackers, only it was Frosting and Graham Crackers

bulletFruit By the Foot
Introduced around 1992, it was literally a giant "fruit rollup" rolled up on 3 feet of paper. Although it didn't taste as good as a fruit rollup, they sure were a lot of fun to eat and play

A unique fruit juice cocktail. Who knows if it's even "real" juice as they claim in the adds.

bulletGo-Gurt Yogurt
A type of yogurt you can take on the go. It comes in an easy squeezable tube. It replaces the spoon yogurt too.

bulletGordita and Chalupa
Taco's with the puffy shells served at Taco Bell. They were made really popular because they are 99cents and the little Taco Bell Dog said things like "Viva Gordita" and "Drop the Chalupa"

They are little fruit snacks with funky juice in the middle of them.

bulletHershey's Hugs
They were just like Hershey kisses but with white chocolate swirled into them.

bulletJelly Belly Jelly Beans
You could combine the many great flavors of these in Jelly Belly "recipes" peanut butter and jelly

Like Mountain Dew, but with more caffeine. Said in the commercials to be the "Hardcore, psycho, nitro, drink - in a can." By the way, what's up with companies taking normal sodas and adding lots of caffeine to them now?

bulletKool-Aid Kool Bursts
Basically, Kool-Aid's answer to Squeezit.

bulletMcDonald's Arch Deluxe
Who can forget this: 'The Burger With the Grown-up Taste.' I never saw what was so grown-up about it; adding more to the mystery was how they advertised it with kids showing opposition to the Arch Deluxe. You may have seen these type of ads on TV or, more prominently, on highway billboards. Thus, the Arch Deluxe had to be one of the most hyped products introduced by McDonalds...and also one of the least healthful by any food chain. According to an issue of Consumer Reports magazine, just one Arch Deluxe contained nearly 600 calories - the near equivalent of 15 Burger King Whoppers. Based on the average diet, that's about 1/4-1/3 of what you need for the whole day! The article put it best: 'Hardly what your arteries need.' I guess the kids DID have every right not to like the Arch Deluxe...who's going to miss it now? I didn't think so.

McDonald's version of a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

bulletMcLean Burger
A horrible burger made by McDonalds to appease the health-nut community. It received a lot of advance publicity, and died a quick, painful death, ignored by everyone with functional taste buds.

This is THE junk food of the decade and the commercial alone epitomized the 90s! It was the 90s equivalent of "Pop Rocks". Delicious candies that came in assorted colors and flavors (pink was the best!)

bulletMilky Way Lite
Milky way, had to top its self, and make three versions of the same candy bar. I guess this was their version of making a healthy candy bar, but in reality is there any true healthy candy bars?

bulletNew Frosted Rice Chex Jr.
I don't remember very much about this cereal but it came out in the early 90's and was very short lived.

bulletNutri Grain Bars
Healthy yet Delicious, Fast yet Filling! They come in all sorts of fruity tastes to satisfy anyone. The best thing to take on the run anywhere and anytime.

bulletNutty Bars
Chocolate wafers filled with peanut butter. 5 layers to them

bulletPeanut Butter Snickers
Snickers with peanut butter in them. From the early to mid '90s.

bulletPepsi AM
Pepsi for the morning, perhaps to go with breakfast. Obscure product that lived a very short life.

bulletPop Tarts Cereal
This was the weirdest cereal, it was supposed to taste like strawberry or cinnamon pop tarts, but it just tasted like pure sugar.

bulletPush Pops
Lolly pops that would be in almost a lipstick tube type container you would push at the bottom to get the lolly pop to get out of the tube. This pushing in the tube made your finger all sticky.

bulletRC's EDGE Cola
Caffeine Ginseng and Taurine Keeps you wired

bulletRed Bull
Red Bull gives you wings!! A sharp tasting berry-flavored drink that has LOTS of caffeine and other junk in it to keep you awake and alert.

bulletReese Sticks
A Wafer with peanut butter covered in Chocolate! Delicious!

bulletReese's Peanut Butter Cups Cereal
Pure sugar. It was just these little balls that looked like Kix except half were brown. Came out in the late 90s, and if you wanted an instantaneous buzz, you ate a handful.

bulletRing Pops & Blow Pops
These were the huge selling candy items that hit the market in the early 90s. All you saw on TV were ring pop and blow pop commercials with the kids jumping around and throwing them at the screen while dancing to a hip hop/pop beat in the background. Of course, these originated much earlier than the 90s.

bulletSalad in a bag
Appeared in the mid to late 90s. You could get a complete salad in a bag all fresh (stays that was for an insanely long time too, odd!) and ready to put together and toss with dressing, croutons, the works.

bulletSmart Drinks
Smart drinks were originally made to re-hydrate athletes, but now they can be even be ordered in cafes and nightclubs. They don't taste too bad, but they are basically soda with extra caffeine and a smidgeon of vitamins, and twice the price of an ordinary soda. Apparently they shouldn't be sipped slowly as they rot your teeth too!!

A pureed blend of fruit, fruit juices, some dairy element (usually nonfat yogurt), and ice for texture. Started a wave of specialty shops such as Jamba Juice, which did them one better by "boosting" the drinks with health products such as wheat grass and vitamins. To the 90s what frozen yogurt was in the 80s.

The coolest drink of the 90s! This was another food product that had a cheesy commercial (the Snapple lady) to go with it. It came out around 1994 or 1995, and was "made of the best stuff on Earth". Still very popular today.

bulletSnicker Ice-cream Bar
A snicker bar with ice cream in the middle

A drink with a lizard on the bottle. The drinks had different vitamins, etc (like Ginseng) in the drink.

Coffee and the craze for specialized coffees. Starting in Seattle, it expanded throughout the mid and late 90's across the nation. By the late '90s, specialized coffees were just as common as the 'coffeepot' style coffee.

bulletString Cheese
It was cheese that you could peel and take off little strings of it at a time to eat. It was mostly Polly-O mozzarella cheese.

bulletSuper Mario Soda
They came out in 90-91 just before Super Nintendo came out. They came in a few flavors, in really little cans. I believe to put in kids lunch pails. I remember Yoshi Lime, Mario Cherry, Peach Strawberry, Luigi Berry.

Surge was a sort of pop that comes out green. It has more caffeine than a lot of the other pop that has come out.

bulletTwix Peanut butter
Actually, the peanut butter flavor came back in later 1999, its on the commercials now.

bulletTwizzler's Pull 'n Peel
Like normal Twizzlers, except it looked like a cable composed of 9 or 10 strands of the stuff. Could be pulled apart and eaten strand by strand.

Those little candies that had a thick coating that was very sour and was known to be sour for about a minute then would be its flavor. They did this on ZOOM one time, try to keep one in your mouth without making a face or anytime.

Water bottles...used to be found only in gyms but now required accessory at the office, in the classroom, at nightclubs etc. Purists pay for the filtered or still mineral stuff, but the rest of us fill our bottles up from the tap.

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