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Welcome to Blossoming Candles! These candles are very unique! They melt into blossoms!

The blossoming is achieved through a process called foliation. After the candle has burned below the rim, the rim will not melt but form itself into cascade-like shape. Form and symmetry of the final shape will depend on several factors. Straightness of the flame will define general symmetry, while size of the flame and/or ambient temperature will define depth of the shape (warmer environment will cause a flatter shape). Thanks to these effects every candle will burn into it's own unique shape. This makes These Blossoming Candles a beautiful display item whether burning or not.

After 10 to 20 hours of burning the rim of the candle starts opening up. If the flame was burning straight up, the rim should be oval and symmetrical. Later the rim will split into two parts and after 40 to 50 hours full "blossom" should form. If the flame burned severely tilted to one side, the rim will "fold" to the opposite side of the candle and form a single flow shape.

These candles come in the following colors and scents:

6 inch tall candles. The Burn time is approximatly 80 hours. These Candles make awesome Altar Candles and come in Ivory--Jasmine, Vanilla or Unscented fragrance or Black--Unscented or Cherry Fragrance and only cost $14.00!

11 inch candles and scents. Burn time is approximatly 145 hours. These make awesome quarter or spell candles. As a candle blossoms so does the spell! These are yours for $19.00 each.

13 Inch Candles and Scents--approximate burn time is 170 hours.These make awesome quarter and spell candles--as the candle blossoms, so does the spell! These are $21.00!

5" Pyramid Candles-Burn time is approximately 35 hours. These Pyramids also make awesome altar candles as well as spell candles! New!!! Only $6.00!

3" Sphere/Ball Shaped Candles-Burn time is approximately 40 hours. These Ball/Sphere Shaped Candles also make awesome altar candles as well as spell candles! New!!! Only $5.00!

Scents are as follows:
Ice--Cool, refreshing and spicy with a hint of amber and smoothness of lavender.
Summer--Blend of crisp and fruity resins, flowers with a touch of vanilla and musk.
Relax--Milder melon-like smooth scent
Tropical--Spicy scent of tropical floras.