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Egyptian Charms4

Welcome to the Egyptian Charm Jewelry 4th Page .

We hope that you will find something new and magickal
To bring you cheer and magickal times
I know you will enjoy them for many years. All of them are $9.00 each and available in Gold or Silver plated!

Lady Musicians Pendant--From a famous and popular tomb painting, these lovely ladies have entertained audiences for over 3,000 years! A great gift for a musician or singer. Approx. 1 1/4 inches tall

Ornate Double-Sided Scarab--Intricately embellished double sided scarab represents renewal, eternal youth and resurrection. The scarab was the symbol of the sun god Khepri. Approx. 1 1/16 inches tall

Bast Rosetta Stone Tablet--The ever-popular cat goddess poses before a carving of the Rosetta stone--the stone that allowed Egyptologists to decript heiroglyphs. A great gift for anyone with an interest in languges. Approx. 1 1/4 inches tall

Medium Nefertiti Bust Pendant--Carved on both sides, this larger version of Nefertit's famous sculpture makes a lovely gift. Nefertiti means "a beautiful woman has come." Approx. 1 inch tall

Small Nefertiti Bust Pendant--Carved on both sides, this miniature version of the famous Egyptian carving does homage to Akhenaten's beautiful and famous wife, Nefertiti. Her name means "the beautiful one has come". Approx. 7/8 inch tall

Cleopatra Cartouche--This is the actual heiroglyphic cartouche for Queen Cleopatra--the perfect gift for your queen. Approx. 1 7/8 inches tall

Thoth Cartouche--Inventor of writing, Teru (Toth or Thoth) is shown here with his clay tablet and writing stick. A great gift for writers. Approx. 1 7/8 inches tall

Sperad-wing Isis Pendant--Medium Spread-Winged Isis With her winged arms outstretched in an encompassing stance, this version of Isis represents protection Base metal is lead-free pewter. Flat back. Approx. 7/8 in. tall.

Carved Ankh--Symbol of eternal life, this ankh has a unique carved surface. Gold-plated lead-free pewter. Flat back. Approx. 1 1/8 in tall

Egyptian Goddess Hathor Charm--In her fierce lion-headed incarnation. Hathor was worshipped for over 3,000 years in ancient Kemer (Egypt), and underwent many transformations. This pendant represents her fierce, protective stance. Lead-free pewter Approx 1" tall

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