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Egyptian Charms3

Welcome to the Egyptian Charm Jewelry 3rd Page .

We hope that you will find something new and magickal
To bring you cheer and magickal times
I know you will enjoy them for many years. All of them are $9.00 each and available in Gold or Silver plated!

Large Sekhmet Head Pendant--She's fabulous, and she MUST be obeyed! The lionness head was a favorite motif for Sekhmet. Approx.1 3/8 inches tall

Small Sekhmet Head--A daintier version of our mightly Sekhmet (Sekhet, Sekmet) pendant, she is no less powerful as the fierce desert lioness. She protected the Pharaoh and was the Eye of Ra in that she was believed to be able to shoot fire at the Pharaoh's enemies. Approx. 1 inch tall

Ankh Sword--Embellished with a tiny ankh. Approx. 3 1/4 inches tall

Medium Bast Charm--Another beautiful tribute to the Egyptian Cat Goddess. Perfect for Bast devotees--or cat lovers. Charm is flat on the back Approx. 1 in. tall.

Tiny Bast Cat--She's tiny but powerful. A great component piece for jewelry-making, this tiny Bast Cat has a flat back. Base metal is lead-free pewter. Approx. 1/2 inch tall.

Baby Ankh--It's so precious and delicate! This tiny plated ankh is the symbol of eternal life. It's a miniature version of our medium ankh. lead-free pewter. Flat back. Approx. 7/8 in tall.

Medium Ankh--Smooth and graceful, this is a larger version of our charming mini-ankh. Base metal is lead-free pewter. Flat back. Approx. 1 1/4 in. tall.

Isis with Solar Disk,the symbol of the life-giving sun over her head, this version of the spread-winged Isis represents power and authority. Silver-plated lead-free pewter. Flat back. Approx, 7/8 in tall.

Small 3-Dimensional Scarab Pendant--Adorable! Completely 3-dimensional, the scarab is sitting on a cartouche. The underside of the pendant is carved with hieroglyphs. Approx. 3/4 inches tall.

Kneeling Isis--The sacred name of the great Egyptian Goddess Auset (Isis) depicted in hieroglyphs in the cartouche above her kneeling figure. Lead-free pewter. Approx. 1 1/2" tall.

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