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Welcome to the Egyptian Charm Jewelry Page .

We hope that you will find something new and magickal
To bring you cheer and magickal times
I know you will enjoy them for many years. All of them are $9.00 each and available in Gold or Silver plated!

Ornate Key of Life Ankh Superbly embellished ankh, or "key of life", features scarabs (resurrection) and other hieroglyphs. Approx. 2 1/16 inches tall.

Large Tutankhamun Pendant--Hail the Boy King of Egypt! Tutankhamun means Amun Gives Life to Tehuti (Thoth). The young monarch, known to us in modern times as King Tut ruled aproximately 3100 years ago in ancient Egypt. His tomb, discovered in 1922, held thousands of wonderful treasures. Approx. 1 1/4 inches tall

Small Tut Pendant--Examine the intricately carved headdress--and this pendant is carved on both sides. Approx. 1 inch tall

Lovers Scarab--With a lovely outline resembling a heart, this Lovers Scarab, with its wings resembling a heart shape, holding the sun disk, makes a wonderful Valentines or birthday gift for that someone special. The Winged Scarab symbolizes renewal, eternal youth, and resurrection. Approx. 1 inch tall

Cobra Head Pendant--The cobra was the symbol of Lower (Northern) Egypt and of the goddess Wadjet. Approx. 1 1/2 inches tall

Osiris Cartouche Pendant--Classic representation of Osiris, god and of the Underworld and judge of the dead, wearing the atef crown representing upper (southern) Egypt and feathers, and wielding the crook and staff, symbols of his sovereignty. The deity Anubis, also associated with the underworld, was guardian of Osiris. The pharaohs hoped that by worshipping and emulating Osiris, they might be resurrected to eternal life in the underworld, which was equivalent to our heaven. The Egyptians had no concept of hell. One was either resurrected to live in the underworld, or one ceased to exist altogether. Approx. 1 7/8 inches tall

Large Sekhmet Pendant--Bold and beautiful, you won't believe the detail on this large, 2-inch pendant! Fully detailed in 3-dimensions, this is a heavy, solid pendant. The base metal is lead-free pewter. Approx. 2 in. tall.

Selket Pendant--Large Scorpion Goddess Selket Pendant Beautifully detailed, our miniature version of this famous Egyptian goddess is simply wonderful. This is a heavy, solid, 3-dimensional charm, detailed on all sides, and is a replica of the statue that guarded King Tut's canopic chest. Silver-plated lead-free pewter. Approx. 2 in. tall

Small Standing Isis--So dainty! This favorite Egyptian goddess is small but beautiful. Approx. 1 1/4 inches tall

Winged Cobra Charm--Small Winged Cobra Pendant The symbol of power and psychic ability. The cartouche represents the name of the goddess Isis. Gold-plated lead-free pewter. Flat back. Approx. 1 in. tall

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