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Sourced in China, and shipped as Sodalite, but different in appearance with a more mottled look than the traditional Brazalian sodalite. Instead of causing some confusion over the difference in appearance we have chosen to rename this Sodalite to Delft Blue in honor of the town in the Netherlands , home of the Delft Blue China patterns made since the 16th century. The similarity is striking. The name Delft on a piece of pottery does not mean that it is actually genuine Delftware. Delft is a cityname and therefore not protected, so this name may be used all over the world. This Sphere is available in two different sizes and very affordable! Comes in 2 sizes--40mm and 50mm. And they both come with stands. The stand is a Gold Plated Brass Stand. The 40 mm Sphere is $12.00 and the 50mm Sphere is $20.00!

Order the 40mm Sphere Here:

Order the 50mm Sphere Here:

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