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My Friends
My Friends
Whats Up Everyone? Here are some pictures, check em out!
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Manda & Amy
Manda & Amy 
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Hey! Omg you look sooo good....
I diffently gotta go to some parties with you more..We only went to a few..had some good times haha..we all miss you down here!! When you movin back huh lol jokes know im playin..wish you would tho..
Much Love Baby Gurl..
Sarah and the groupiez
Sarah | July 31, 2005

Damn gurl u still lookin fine as hell! Damn even better lol
Miss ya

Tristan | July 31, 2005

Eh yo girl whats yo sayin ah ha..its yo boy Trystan hollan at chu, checked out yo site, Damn girl yo styll lookin good but even betta! Holla at yo man, lol
Peace Out!
Trystan | July 31, 2005

oh yeah girl, hope u dont mind I got Tristan and Trytsan to check out ur site lol..well they were here and wanted to leave a msg, they werent happy with my sayin lol..
any ways later girl

Meggz | July 31, 2005

hey Jessica... ive been missin yah grrrl, its been so long since ive seen yah, like what??? 5 months or something, shit, but when we get together we'll still have a kick ass time, eww put a better pic in there of me lmao, daut! hehe,but other then that i love yah grrl, and you are always first in my books no matter what! and i mean it, your like my sis, and i dont know what id do with out you!!!! lookin good to hun!!!!! im always here!!!

Peace and love
Chantel | | August 26, 2005