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WhAt I dO wItH mY tImE
   I must say that my favorite thing to do is to read. Every week I am reading yet another book and getting taken into yet another world. I just finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie. It was a great book. Sad but wonderful and the lessons that are learned in it are just incredible. I was reading a book that was similar to The DaVinci Code , it was called The Rule of Four but once I finished reading it I truly decided that I didn't care for it all that much. Though I am back onto reading Nora Roberts books and the latest one that I am reading is Homeport . It is interesting and I am really into it.
   I also love to write. I hope that I can get some of my chosen stories posted to read soon. I write about everything that comes to mind so maybe I will be able to find some way for people to post ideas for my writing. Slowly but surely I am working on it.
   Music. Listening to music. I don't care what I am doing, coding, writing, playing a game, anything, I always listen to music. It is like my life. I say that because I listen to anything and everything because each type has it's own little charm. I don't know anyone who doesn't like music at least one kind or another so I think that this one doesn't need too much more explaining. Though I would like to give an example about just how random my music tastes are by saying that this summer I went to Warped Tour and then at a later date I went to Tim McGraw's Live Like You Are Dying concert.
   My newest fun thing is coding html. Which is making this page. My teacher has officially gotten me addicted to using the computer for fun stuff. Would you ever believe that I have been nearly computer illiterate until now. I am so proud of my page so I hope that everyone finds it at least mildly interesting.

FaVoRiTe BaNd
   I don't have a favorite band. I kind of already said that in my music blurb but yeah. So I'm kind of reiterating that. I will listen to almost anything. But I have to tell you it takes a little more to make me sing. I am putting a link up for the Yellow Card website and Green Day's website as well but I think that I am going to be adding some more to it later on. Go to my Links at the bottom of the page and check out my music links and my other ones as well!

   I can not pick a favorite book. It would almost be like a parent picking a favorite child. I read so much and used to work at a library and now work at a book store so it is very hard for me to have to decide this. Currently I am reading a romance novel. After finishing Rule of Four I picked up a romance novel. I finished it in three days and I have decided that I am not ready to go back to semi intense books so I am reading another on. It is called Once Upon a Blind Date. Hopefully it will be as good as the last chick book that I read. It turned out that I really didn't like Rule of Four and it wasn't really as good as it was said to be. It was a big disappointment as a matter of fact. Though I must say that I actually hate to read my own writing but I love doing it. But I don't think that makes me my favorite author.
    These are the books in the Nora Roberts' Irish Trilogy
    These are the books in the Nora Roberts' Three Sisters Island Trilogy
  These are both the Dan Brown books that I read.
This is by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason.

   "Fac Id Homo!" - this is Latin for Do It Man. My Latin teacher taught it to my class last year. Oh yeah!!
"You've been struck by the aesthetic bug." "You can see the world as an artist, and that is something that not everyone can do." Two things that my art history teacher said to me when I told him that I wished I could have sketched the way that he was sitting.

MeNdHaM mOmEnTs. . .
   Humm. . . what to choose. Well last year at prom one of my friends broke a glass, that was a good moment. Some days if you ask me I will tell you that there are no good "Mendham Moments" and others I will be able to list tons of good moments that I have had here at and involving Mendham High School. I must say that today is the day that I could go on listing them. For example, gym class with my friends never fails to bring up a lot of good and bad memories though almost all are amusing. Nothing beats when I hit the baseball (finally!) and my teacher voted me MVP just because I managed to actually succeed in gym that day. I have officially decided that when I grow older and look back onto high school I am only really going to remember gym (right Sonia!). I don't know. Every once in a while I will add more or switch them around. Check out the Mendham H.S. webpage. I'm putting the link at the bottom of the page.(Eventually!)

WhErE i'M gOiNg    
   I got into Sweet Briar College. I'm so excited and can't wait to go. It is a women's college and is so beautiful. There is a lot of land and wonderful people. I was waiting anxiously for an acceptance and now I have it. While there I want to study to become a high school history teacher. Once I graduate I want to teach up in Boston. Though I might end up staying down there varying upon where I get my internship. Hopefully I will work my way up and do more schooling so that I will become a history professor at a college up there. One day I hope to travel across country and then travel Europe.

   My friends mean the world to me. There are so many of them, though sometimes they are completely clueless. Most of the time they are more than fun. Each of my friends adds something different to the group that we all hang out in. A lot of the time we are just crazy and making noise and being completely obnoxious. We have parties, go to the movies,and do anything that is appropriate and worth our time.

   My some what realistic dream is to become a moderately famous author. I just want people to have a book with my name on it. Or at least have a couple people. I like to think that I am not a complete dreamer and that I am not egotistical so I try to keep my dreams simple. Some are just typical little girl dreams. A good marriage, kids, nice house. Cliched things like that. That is kind of all I can really think of dream wise. I might consider going to Sweet Briar a dream but I truly think that it will become a reality. Though I do have one dream that truly is a dream. I want to become an artist. Not a famous artist or anything but I really wish that one day I could paint a picture of a person or even simply sketch one. I was writing about that today in my art history class after I finished a test. I looked up and my teacher was sitting at a students desk simply just working on his laptop yet he looked so chilled out and so natural there I was ready to either cry or laugh because he was so simply. . . I don't know. I'm really tempted to say perfect. He was just sitting there, sometimes slouched down and typing or reading something and it was amazing. I wish I could have sketched him in that moment when his hand almost propping up his head and it was hiding his mouth. He was leaning so that his lower back was straight and the way that the 90 degree angle of the chair back was it made a triangle. And he just seemed so. . . natural and relaxed and intent as well. It is only moments like that when I let my secret little dream of becoming an artist shine through.

   Here is a piece of my writing. It happens to be one I wrote very recently.

I don't think you will come
Though I know you said you would
It would not be hard to find me
But the problem is you have to look
Sometimes I wonder if it's real
Or even if it's worth it
Just because it relies on if you will be here
Inside of me there is hope
It is so deep and full of wanting
I almost wish I didn't have it
For there is incredible fear of it being crushed
Knowing what I want is not the problem
Not knowing what you want is
Maybe if you come we could sit down
We could talk about it
There is a quality about you
A part of you I like
Yet for now it is unable to be identified
No, I'm not saying I don't like all of you
It's jsut there is something that shines through
Constantly you draw my attention
Be it in my own thoughts
Or when I pass you in a crowded hall
Just to smile and think about us as "friends"
To an extent I feel like I'm going crazy
All I want is to know where we stand
There is a chance of progressing
But help she me that you want to
I've always been one for moving
Constant motion is a must
Not for you though
Not for you at all
I envy that of you
We have had so much fun
Yet now it has seemed to stop
I guess being in school changes things
That is such a pity
The days go by and I can't help but wonder
What is to come if anything
I want to progress with this
I want something to come of everything
There feels as though something should be there
Something should happen
"Friends" should start to get a different meaning
Be it a label or not
Tell me what leaves it at being friends
How can things change
Please let me know what you think
Let me know how you feel
Show me
Tell me
Teach me
I want you to come
And if need be
I will come to you
That I can promise
That I will do

I have a secret
A secret that no one knows.
It could change nothing
Yet it has the power to change everything.
Constantly it bounces through my thoughts.

I have a secret.
A secret that no one knows.
It is a secret pretaining to life.
There was a beginning
But the end is not in sight.

I have a secret.
A secret that no one knows.
Everyone has at least one.
For now this one is mine.
People don't even know I have one.

I have a secret.
A secret that no one knows.
One day it will not just be mine.
Secrets are not meant for just one.
It will be freed one day.

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